You Must Read This: Florence Gillan on the John Steinbeck novel that moved and unsettled her

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The Grapes of Wrath was the archetypal publication that made maine cry, that disturbed and moved maine successful a mode that my teenage aforesaid lone fractional understood. Young arsenic I was, I knew this publication was unsettling and important. It opened my eyes to the powerfulness of the communicative to research and marque existent the struggles of mean people. For the archetypal time, I realised however a publication could propulsion a spotlight connected the world.

ohn Steinbeck’s caller describes however almighty bankers and businessmen, backed by a corrupt constabulary force, cleared the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma of tenants. The dispossessed families fly to California lured by the committedness of well-paid work. On arrival, they soon observe that they person been tricked. They look abuse, intimidation and hopeless surviving conditions. In bid to past they indispensable enactment for a pittance. Initial attempts by the migrants to amended their wage and conditions are viciously enactment down. The authorities and landowners, threatened by immoderate amusement of solidarity, are keen to stamp retired those they people arsenic troublemakers and communists.

The Grapes of Wrath depicts the “othering” of Oklahoma migrants. They are labelled “Okies” and troublemakers. The constabulary enactment manus successful manus with banks and concern farms to exploit and oppress the migrants. Suspicion and fearfulness of the newcomers spread, and soon section militias are formed to intimidate the hopeless newcomers.

Steinbeck wrote his caller successful the 1930s, but what helium had to accidental resonates today. We excessively person monolithic corporations often owned by a azygous idiosyncratic with unchecked power. These corporations, courted by governments and protected by walls of lawyers, tin behave with impunity. Workers’ rights are eroded, and whistleblowers are demonised. Those who beforehand commercialized unionism are branded arsenic socialists and sometimes dismissed.

The doctrine that the accumulation of wealthiness is simply a noble thing, and that the mediocre are mediocre due to the fact that they are lazy is simply a prevarication dispersed by compliant media. The accumulation of wealthiness is placed earlier the needs of people, each to provender a bloated oligarchy that scavenges connected others.

Refugees and asylum seekers, similar the Okies, are scapegoated and blamed. Social media offers a fertile breeding crushed for xenophobia. Rumour is spun arsenic fact, and facts considered fake news.

The Grapes of Wrath provoked praise and outrage erstwhile archetypal published: publication burnings, arsenic good arsenic plaudits and prizes. I waited galore years to work it again, fearing it would person mislaid its powerfulness to determination me. While waiting for my debut caller to beryllium published, I downloaded an audiobook version, and it accompanied maine connected agelong walks, wherever its spell implicit maine intensified. There is simply a rawness astir this book, a information truthful heavy it hurts. It has overmuch to accidental astir man’s inhumanity to man, but besides astir the resilience of the quality tone and the righteous wrath of the dispossessed. This is simply a must-read publication for the satellite we unrecorded successful today.


Let Them Lie by Florence Gillan

Let Them Lie by Florence Gillan

Let Them Lie by Florence Gillan

Let Them Lie’ by Florence Gillan (Poolbeg Books) is retired now

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