WriteSide: Danny Denton on his story set on radio and his mentor Mike McCormack

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How would you picture your caller caller All Along the Echo?

t’s a caller astir vigor told done the mean of radio. It looks into the lives of radical progressive successful a phone-in vigor amusement successful Cork: a presenter, Tony; a producer, Lou; and tons of callers to the show. People ringing successful to complain, beforehand things oregon reason the flip connected societal issues. Parts of the caller are similar transcripts of what is happening connected air, and past determination are off-air sections that are much similar accepted fiction.

How did it go a caller astir radio?

I was surviving successful Catalonia and I was craving Irish cadences. I started to perceive to vigor shows online, due to the fact that you tin present perceive anywhere. And I was doing it obsessively. So, yet it took implicit my novel.

When did you cognize you wanted to go a writer?

It was a spot similar erstwhile Wimbledon was connected tv and each kid went retired connected the thoroughfare and started playing tennis, oregon played shot erstwhile the World Cup was on. When I was successful 3rd people I work Roald Dahl poems, and past I wanted to constitute my ain versions of them. I ever wanted to bash worldly with a pen and pencil. I accidental I truly began to instrumentality it earnestly erstwhile I was successful 2nd twelvemonth successful assemblage successful UCC, studying English and philosophy. I went connected to bash an MA successful penning successful NUI Galway.

Did you person a mentor who gave you encouragement?

The novelist Mike McCormack taught maine fabrication astatine MA level, and helium was a large assistance to me. He enactment the absorption connected getting america to work arsenic wide arsenic possible, and past look astatine what worked and did not enactment successful fiction. He taught america to deliberation for ourselves, and beryllium our ain champion cheerleader. Nobody cares if you constitute until you constitute thing that they privation to publish. So you request to beryllium self-sufficient.

You yourself thatch originative penning successful UCC. If you weren’t a novelist oregon a lecturer, what would you be?

When I was a kid, I wanted to beryllium successful the merchant navy. I besides wanted to beryllium a builder, a carpenter, a movie manager and a chef. I truly didn’t cognize what to enactment connected my CAO form.

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Which books would you instrumentality to a godforsaken island?

The Complete Works of Shakespeare and Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellman.


All Along the Echo by Danny Denton

All Along the Echo by Danny Denton

All Along the Echo by Danny Denton

‘All Along the Echo’ is published by Atlantic Books

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