'Wind of change' in Europe as path to EU opens for Ukraine

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European leaders volition formally judge Ukraine arsenic a campaigner to articulation the EU connected Thursday, a bold geopolitical determination triggered by Russia's penetration of Ukraine but a reminder that the 27-nation bloc volition request a large overhaul arsenic it looks to enlarge again.

History is connected the march," European Union main enforcement Ursula von der Leyen said connected Thursday up of a two-day acme that volition kickstart the EU's astir ambitious enlargement since welcoming Eastern European states aft the Cold War.

"I americium not conscionable talking astir Putin's warfare of aggression," she said. "I americium talking astir the upwind of alteration that erstwhile again blows crossed our continent. With their applications, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are telling america that they privation change."

Although it volition instrumentality Ukraine and Moldova years - and possibly much than a decennary - to suffice for membership, the Brussels acme determination volition beryllium a symbolic measurement that signals the EU's volition to scope heavy into the erstwhile Soviet Union.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his "special subject operation" launched successful Ukraine successful precocious February was partially necessitated by Western encroachment into what Russia characterises arsenic its rightful geographical sphere of influence.

While Ukraine and neighbouring Moldova are expected to beryllium welcomed into the EU's waiting country successful Thursday, Georgia volition beryllium fixed "a European perspective" but told it indispensable fulfil conditions earlier winning campaigner status.

"The word historical is simply a word that is bandied around, but this tin beryllium called historic," said an EU diplomat up of the summit. "Even a period ago, Ukraine's EU candidacy mightiness person appeared far-fetched."


Behind the triumphant rhetoric, however, determination is interest wrong the EU astir however the bloc tin stay coherent and agreed arsenic it continues to enlarge.

Leaders cognize that nationalist discontent is mounting implicit a spike successful ostentation and an vigor situation arsenic Russia tightens state supplies successful effect to Western sanctions, and these economical concerns volition beryllium hotly debated connected the 2nd time of the summit.

After starting successful 1951 arsenic an organisation of six countries to jointly modulate their concern production, the EU present has 27 members that look analyzable challenges from clime alteration and the emergence of China to today's warfare connected their ain doorstep.

Reticence implicit enlargement has slowed advancement towards rank for a radical of Balkans countries - Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia - whose leaders volition conscionable their EU counterparts successful Brussels connected Thursday morning.

A deficiency of advancement connected milestones to introduction into the nine has led to specified a consciousness of disillusionment that the leaders of Albania and Serbia concisely considered not attending the meeting.

They agreed yet to marque the journey, but Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama tweeted grudgingly: "We'll be the EU Council meeting. There won't beryllium overmuch to perceive about."

A draught of the acme connection seen by Reuters showed that EU leaders volition again springiness "full and unequivocal committedness to the EU rank position of the Western Balkans."

But Ukraine's accelerated way to ceremonial campaigner presumption has lone served to summation their feeling of being sidelined, which carries the hazard for the EU that Russia and China widen their power into the region.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said connected Thursday that the EU indispensable "reform its interior procedures" to hole for the accession of caller members, singling retired the request for cardinal issues to beryllium agreed with a qualified bulk alternatively than by unanimity.

A caller study based connected a twelvemonth of consultations with EU citizens called for the EU to region the rule of unanimity successful respective areas, including overseas and information policy.

The request for unanimity often frustrates EU ambitions due to the fact that subordinate states tin artifact decisions oregon trim them to the lowest communal denominator.

Despite waves of crises that person rocked the EU successful caller years, from a question of migration and Britain's exit from the bloc to the emergence of nationalism and tensions implicit standards of democracy, the bloc remains broadly popular.

According to a survey by the EU's parliament released connected Thursday, astir two-thirds of Europeans see rank of the EU a "good thing", the highest effect successful 15 years.

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