What skills do employers look for in their employees?

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What bash employers want? They privation the aforesaid happening we each want: the champion imaginable happening - successful this case, a idiosyncratic - astatine the lowest imaginable price.

It’s this disjoint betwixt wanting a superb idiosyncratic but trying to support the costs down that can, sometimes, origin friction. Ultimately, however, companies and bosses bash recognize that bully wages travel bully employees, truthful it’s ever important to cognize your worth.

In a clip of afloat employment - and contempt the rising outgo of existing and the situation of uncovering a spot to unrecorded - the shot is successful the employee’s tribunal and determination are much occupation opportunities than usual.

That said, a bully worker needs to beryllium themself so, successful astir jobs, you won’t beryllium starting connected the large bucks, and what you’re truly looking for is simply a accidental to beryllium yourself, to turn and make and person caller opportunities.

To get there, of course, you request to get hired. We spoke to a fewer experts astir what a institution - whether a section concern oregon a planetary megacorp - wants from its caller hires. These are listed successful nary peculiar order.

1. Good connection skills

In leader surveys, this is rather consistently rated arsenic the fig 1 accomplishment firms look for successful caller hires. This uncovering has been repeated successful galore surveys conducted implicit caller years by IrishJobs.ie. It comes up again and again successful immoderate speech with guidance counsellors and vocation advisors.

“Employers privation radical who tin pass good some with their interior colleagues and outer clients,” says Ruairi Kavanagh, exertion of gradireland.com which volition clasp a recruitment just successful the RDS connected Wednesday, September 28.

“Over the past 5 oregon six years, it has go wide that they privation radical who tin some constitute good and person bully verbal connection skills.”

Graduates are good utilized to shorter styles of communication, peculiarly honed by WhatsApp, and this tin beryllium truly utile arsenic portion of an interior squad dynamic. But they volition besides privation idiosyncratic who tin articulate themselves successful much ceremonial styles of communication, including institution emails. A postgraduate who tin amusement this volition basal out.

2. Emotional and taste intelligence

Closely related to bully connection is affectional intelligence. “A batch of modern enactment environments are multicultural and employers privation graduates without bias, who tin enactment with antithetic colleagues and callers,” says Bridie Killoran, careers and learning pathways manager astatine Atlantic Technological University (ATU), which has precocious developed a caller tool, MyCareerPath.ie, to assistance its graduates make their CV and employability.

“There’s beardown grounds that the astir palmy radical successful the workplace person precocious affectional intelligence. That is important successful presumption of recognising the emotions of others and motivating your colleagues oregon team.”

Emotional quality and intuitive knowing doesn’t travel people to everyone, of course. The bully news, says Killoran, is that you tin ever amended your affectional intelligence. It is 1 of the traits that MyCareerPath.ie measures and helps ATU graduates to enactment on, but different third-levels careers offices volition person akin programmes for graduates, truthful interaction them.

A ample portion of affectional quality comes backmost to self-awareness. Indeed, empathy and self-awareness are 2 sides of the aforesaid coin.

“If you find yourself getting aggravated successful a situation, for instance, affectional quality is astir recognising this feeling and knowing however you woody with it,” says Killoran.

3. Work experience

Most graduates won’t person a immense magnitude of enactment acquisition down them, but employers privation to spot that you person developed some the method skills connected to your grade (for example, if you’re an aspiring journalist, it’s captious that you person immoderate penning experience; if you privation to enactment successful science, possibly you mightiness person worked successful a laboratory 1 summer; if you’re hoping to beryllium an architect, possibly you volition person immoderate acquisition successful a practice) and the brushed skills immoderate grade volition assistance you to make (for instance, if you had a occupation successful a shop, pub, cafe oregon restaurant, you volition person developed connection skills to interact with customers; you whitethorn person solved problems for customers and you volition person acquisition of reasoning connected your feet).

4. Life experience

Nobody expects that a 21 oregon 22-year-old graduate, caller retired of college, volition person the beingness acquisition and contented of a much mature worker.

But they bash privation to cognize that you person much to you than conscionable your world achievements and your enactment experience. Did you get progressive successful assemblage life, joining and taking portion successful clubs and societies? Did you bash immoderate volunteering? Perhaps you play a squad athletics astatine the play oregon are progressive successful a moving club?

“Employers bash recognize that, for this generation, those experiences were curtailed by Covid-19,” says Killoran.

“They recognize that galore assemblage students saw their assurance instrumentality a knock. But they bash privation to spot however you were capable to accommodate and amusement resilience. Perhaps you learned online and got utilized to caller technologies, oregon did a enactment placement from home. Here, it’s worthy focusing connected the things that you bash person alternatively than the gaps.”

Ultimately, employers are looking to spot what you did during Covid, contempt the restrictions we each faced successful lockdown.

5. Independence and ambition

“Employers are hiring graduates with constricted experience, truthful they are recruiting idiosyncratic who volition bring ambition, thrust and innovation to the organisation, arsenic good arsenic caller perspectives,” says Kavanagh. “But they volition request idiosyncratic who tin enactment good and deed the crushed running.”

Mark Cumisky, careers and skills advisor astatine UCD, says that companies look for ambition.

“They privation to prosecute idiosyncratic who wants the occupation due to the fact that they spot themselves processing successful this institution and this industry.”

6. Critical thinking, analytical and probe skills

These are skills that immoderate bully higher oregon further acquisition people volition person equipped a postgraduate with.

“Most employers don’t caput what your grade is, arsenic agelong arsenic you person a level of learning,” says Killoran. “In astir degrees, you volition person work and learned independently and you volition beryllium capable to constitute and synopsise. One of the gaps for students is to recognise wherever they person shown captious reasoning and springiness examples. They are often thrown by this, but we each person examples of wherever we person solved problems, whether that was done a part-time occupation oregon acquisition of life.

“My proposal is to support your examples arsenic caller arsenic imaginable and not support referring to the aforesaid one. You could usage an illustration of a task successful assemblage arsenic a clip you collaborated with others, a communicative from your part-time occupation successful the store arsenic an illustration of connection skills and possibly an illustration from location beingness to amusement however you demonstrated adaptability and flexibility.”

Killoran suggests utilizing the “STAR framework”, which stands for “situation, task, enactment and result.”

If for instance, you are asked astir commercialized awareness, you mightiness notation to a occupation successful the section store wherever your manager said income were down for a peculiar product, the task was to summation them, the enactment was changing wherever you positioned it successful the store and the effect was a income increase.

7. Knowledge of the company

“If you are joining a company, they privation you to cognize astir what they bash and the environmental, economic, societal and governmental pressures,” says Cumisky. “They mightiness ask: wherefore bash you privation to enactment with america and not for the competition?

This means doing your research, being capable to reply questions astir the institution - whether that’s the sanction of the CEO oregon its existent banal price, oregon who their main rival is, oregon what benignant of challenges the manufacture successful question mightiness look during this vigor crisis. Be prepared.

8. Authenticity

Perhaps the astir intangible prime of all: companies privation to prosecute idiosyncratic who seemed authentic and honorable successful their interview, and was not acrophobic to beryllium themselves, Cumisky says.

Ultimately, there’s nary constituent successful being anyone different than who you are: it’s excessively hard to enactment connected a full-time facade.

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