West’s response Ukraine displacement shows up our failures to refugees, says President

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The handling of refugees from Ukraine has shown up the failures successful migration and asylum argumentation up to this point, President Michael D Higgins has said.

he President said refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and galore African conflicts often had a mediocre reception, being treated legalistically and arsenic a imaginable information threat.

“It, successful effect, turned into uncovering an accidental for rejection,” helium said.

President Higgins made his remarks astatine the European Union Agency for Asylum during his authorities sojourn to Malta yesterday.

He told an assemblage of officials, diplomats and students from the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies that the agency’s enactment successful monitoring European migration practices was vital.

He had earlier heard from Mark Camilleri, caput of governance astatine the agency, that 2.7 cardinal Ukrainians had applied to enactment successful EU countries nether impermanent extortion arrangements.

Mr Camilleri highlighted the information that the statement had ne'er earlier been invoked by the EU, but had been “gathering dust” since it was introduced successful 2001.

President Higgins returned to that constituent successful comments afterwards.

“The question indispensable beryllium asked: however person we been handling exile arrivals up to this? Of people the reply is: not precise well,” helium said.

He said, however, that the effect to the Ukrainian refugees was not cleanable either and that the impermanent extortion set-up was inactive “only a baseline”.

“It is near to idiosyncratic countries to construe their compliance with it.”

President Higgins said migration would go an adjacent bigger contented due to the fact that of clime alteration – an contented helium feared was being overlooked due to the fact that of the different crises requiring attention.

“While it’s inevitable that Ukraine hangs implicit everything, with the appalling calamity that is being inflicted connected radical illegally and immorally, we indispensable not deflect our attraction from what is happening successful narration to clime alteration oregon successful narration to planetary hunger,” Mr Higgins said.

“There’s a hunger situation successful Afghanistan arsenic we speak, there’s an emerging situation successful Somalia. We person to find ways to prosecute with each of this.”

President Higgins besides returned to criticisms helium made past week of Elon Musk’s planned takeover of Twitter.

He said attraction of ownership was “dangerous”.

“Should the question of standards, should the question of diversity, should the question of what is threatening and what is supportive of ideology beryllium near to radical who are conscionable simply azygous figures?” helium asked.

“I deliberation attraction of ownership without capable accountability and transparency is unhealthy
for democracy.”

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