Vital mental health services ‘being denied’ through staff shortages

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There are 700 intelligence wellness nursing unit vacancies successful intelligence wellness services passim the country, a nationalist survey by the Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA) has recovered

Sixty beds stay unopened astatine the caller National Forensic Mental Health Service (NFMHS) successful Portrane, Co Dublin, due to the fact that of a deficiency of unit to unfastened each 170 beds and services there, Peter Hughes, wide caput of the association, told RTÉ Radio’s Morning Ireland.

The survey, done done PNA branches successful the past month, indicated the unit recruitment and retention situation was present having an interaction connected services successful each portion of the country, helium said.

Mr Hughes called for an accelerated recruitment process, a fiscal inducement to promote Irish nurses moving overseas to instrumentality and accommodation subsidies successful municipality areas.

The recruitment process successful the HSE tin instrumentality betwixt 3 to six months helium said. When asked why, Mr Hughes said helium did not cognize but that it appeared applications had “to spell done truthful galore departments” and “across truthful galore desks”.

Mr Hughes pointed retired staffing shortages had already resulted successful the protracted closure of the Linn Dara Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services astatine Cherry Orchard Hospital, Dublin, and the closure of the 16-bed subacute portion successful the St James’s Hospital psychiatric unit.

“With the afloat grade of intelligence wellness nursing vacancies revealed successful our survey, PNA present person a precise existent interest that this concern volition effect successful further furniture closures and curtailment successful services,” helium said.

“St James’s, Linn Dara and the NFMHS are simply the astir disposable examples of the impacts that nursing shortages are having connected intelligence wellness services close crossed the country. We are present seeing the knock-on effects of furniture closures connected services arsenic the strategy tries to header with a dependable exodus of unit and the increasing fig of staffing vacancies astatine each level.

“It is wholly unacceptable that nursing vacancies person been allowed to summation to specified an grade that beds are being closed and captious services are being denied to the communities involved,” Mr Hughes added.

The PNA figures amusement determination are presently 85 nursing vacancies successful St Joseph’s Mental Health Intellectual Disability Services astatine Portrane Hospital, 66 successful St Lomans/Tallaght Dublin and already 25 successful the precocious opened forensic intelligence wellness work successful Portrane.

The survey besides finds determination are 60 vacancies passim Cork, much than 40 vacancies successful the Galway intelligence wellness services and 30 vacancies successful Louth/Meath services.

“We are witnessing an exodus of nurses and graduates from our intelligence wellness services to prosecute opportunities abroad, and yet determination seems to beryllium nary urgency connected the portion of absorption to recognize wherefore this is happening,” Mr Hughes said.

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