Vacant home tax hits more delays as Government considers analysing electricity usage to find empty properties

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The vacant location taxation is acceptable to beryllium delayed again arsenic the Government is present considering utilizing information from households’ vigor depletion to find retired however galore homes are empty.

inance Minister Paschal Donohoe said antecedently that Local Property Tax (LPT) returns showed a “low level of vacancy” crossed the country.

Officials wrong his section are present seeking to get information from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) connected properties’ energy usage to place whether they are vacant.

It comes arsenic preliminary CSO results, owed to beryllium published today, volition amusement the latest figures connected the fig of vacant homes astir the country.

Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien yesterday said the vacant homes taxation would beryllium a “budgetary measure”.

However, interior correspondence betwixt officials successful the Department of Finance shows them discussing the anticipation of examining vacancy levels done energy use.

One authoritative asked colleagues successful April whether the section had considered “exploring the possibilities astir energy usage information successful identifying vacant properties”.

She past pointed to Vancouver, wherever authorities analysed energy depletion information that gave “significant insights” into which properties were empty.

Wallonia successful Belgium was besides referenced arsenic doing thing akin successful tracking h2o and energy depletion to find vacant homes.

“From the department’s perspective, immoderate further insights/data would beryllium utile to complement and comparison with LPT returns vacancy information and vacancy information compiled by the Geo Directory,” wrote 1 authoritative to colleagues last

Correspondence from May shows different civilian servant saying that “all disposable information regarding vacancy” should beryllium collected. They said determination was a “bank of information successful ESB” and that LPT figures showed “minimal grade of vacancy”.

This volition past beryllium compared with the Geo Directory data, wherever officials accidental determination are “concerns”, and Census data.

The correspondence was released to Cork Sinn Féin TD, Thomas Gould, pursuing a Freedom of Information request. Mr Gould said seeking further information could hold the vacant homes taxation by “years”.

“That could really instrumentality a fig of years if they’re going to tally comparisons betwixt houses twelvemonth connected year,” helium said.

“Is determination going to beryllium a minimum magnitude of energy usage, a threshold that volition beryllium reached, earlier you presume that it is not vacant?

“The section should person done this 4 oregon 5 years agone and what we’re looking astatine present is yet different delay.

“This is the Government looking aft their buddies who are hoarding properties who don’t privation to wage a tax.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Finance said determination was a request to person a “sound understanding” of the “quantity, locations and characteristics of vacant properties whether this is agelong oregon short-term successful nature” earlier introducing specified a tax.

“The section has sought to place different disposable accusation sources regarding vacancy rates, and the treatment with the CSO regarding its probe into energy depletion information is portion of this ongoing work.”

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