UK rail workers stage second strike of the week after talks fail

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THOUSANDS OF RAILWAY workers successful the UK are staging their 2nd onslaught of the week contiguous aft talks failed to resoluteness a bitter enactment implicit pay, jobs and conditions.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport national (RMT) astatine Network Rail and 13 bid operators volition instrumentality concern action, crippling services crossed the UK.

Only astir 1 successful 5 trains volition tally and chiefly connected main lines during the day.

Ahead of the strike, the Government announced plans to alteration the instrumentality to alteration businesses to proviso skilled bureau workers to plug staffing gaps during concern action.

Ministers pointed retired that nether existent commercialized national laws, employment businesses are restricted from supplying impermanent bureau workers to screen for strikers, saying it tin person a “disproportionate impact”.

The authorities volition repeal the “burdensome” ineligible restrictions, giving businesses impacted by onslaught enactment the state to pat into the services of employment businesses who tin supply skilled, impermanent bureau unit astatine abbreviated notice, said the government.

Network Rail welcomed the determination but Labour and unions condemned it arsenic a “recipe for disaster.”

The RMT accused Transport Secretary Grant Shapps of “wrecking” negotiations.

RMT wide caput Mick Lynch said: “Grant Shapps has wrecked these negotiations by not allowing Network Rail to retreat their missive threatening redundancy for 2,900 of our members.

“Until the Government unshackle Network Rail and the bid operating companies, it is not going to beryllium imaginable for a negotiated colony to beryllium agreed.

“We volition proceed with our concern run until we get a negotiated colony that delivers occupation information and a wage emergence for our members that deals with the escalating cost-of-living crisis.”

Shapps deed back, saying the RMT assertion was a “lie”.

embedded267516819 Grant Shapps denied helium has ‘wrecked’ negotiations Source: Aaron Chown/PA

Meanwhile, members of the drivers’ national Aslef connected Greater Anglia volition onslaught contiguous successful a abstracted quality implicit pay.

The company, which is besides affected by the RMT strike, advised passengers to question lone if it was necessary.

The Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) announced that its members astatine Merseyrail had accepted a 7.1% wage offer.

General caput Manuel Cortes said: “What this intelligibly shows is our union, and sister unions, are successful nary mode a artifact connected uncovering the solutions needed to debar a summertime of discontent connected the railways.

“Rather, it is the Government who are intent connected digging successful their heels. Grant Shapps would beryllium omniscient to commencement talking earnestly to our national arsenic we ballot for concern enactment connected our railways up and down the land.”

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A Rail Delivery Group spokesperson: “With rider numbers inactive astatine lone 80% of pre-pandemic levels the manufacture remains committed to giving a just woody connected wage portion taking nary much than its just stock from taxpayers.

“We tin lone execute that by making improvements – similar offering amended services connected a Sunday – that bespeak the changing needs of passengers truthful we tin pull much back.

“We telephone connected the RMT enactment to proceed to speech truthful that we tin unafraid a thriving semipermanent aboriginal for the railway and its workforce.

“Our proposal to passengers remains the same, lone question by obstruction if perfectly necessary, cheque earlier you question and marque definite you cognize the clip of your archetypal and past trains.”

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “We are disappointed that the RMT person again chosen to locomotion distant from negotiations without agreeing a deal. We stay disposable for talks – time oregon nighttime – and volition bash everything we tin to debar further disruption for our passengers.

“As a effect of this needless and premature strike, obstruction services volition look overmuch similar they did connected Tuesday – starting aboriginal successful the greeting and finishing overmuch earlier successful the evening (around 6.30pm).

“We are asking passengers to delight cheque earlier you travel, beryllium conscious of erstwhile your past disposable bid is departing, and lone question by bid if necessary.”

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