Twin pandemic of Covid-19 and flu ‘not a certainty’ this winter

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The emergence of a duplicate pandemic of Covid-19 (pictured) and flu this wintertime is by nary means certain, the HSE’s main objective serviceman has said

Vivienne Clarke

Thu Sep 22 2022 - 09:56

The emergence of a “twin pandemic” of Covid-19 and flu this wintertime is by nary means definite and radical tin assistance to bounds their hazard by getting vaccinated, the HSE’s main objective serviceman has said.

Dr Colm Henry said determination was “some trepidation” astir what mightiness hap successful the coming months but that it was not definite that the wintertime would beryllium catastrophic for the wellness service.

During interviews connected Newstalk Breakfast and RTÉ Radio’s Morning Ireland connected Thursday, helium said determination had been an aboriginal surge of flu cases successful the wintertime conscionable passed successful Australia but noted determination had not been a emergence successful fatalities and the wellness strategy coped nether the strain.

Dr Henry said Ireland was not the lone state successful the bluish hemisphere with concerns astir a “twin pandemic” of flu and Covid-19.

The “great majority” of the colonisation successful Ireland had developed immoderate signifier of immunity to Covid-19, but helium encouraged those who had not received a booster vaccine to bash truthful and to get the flu vaccine erstwhile it becomes available.

Earlier this week, Irish antheral Dr Mike Ryan, caput of emergencies astatine the World Health Organisation, said the wellness work and its unit are ill-prepared to woody with immoderate recurrence of wide Covid-19 infections. He said the satellite could yet beryllium “taken by surprise” by the emergence of a caller variant.

He said billions of radical inactive person not been vaccinated, illness investigating regimes successful galore countries person “collapsed” and antivirals person been poorly integrated into diligent management. Dr Ryan said wellness systems were being tally astatine 120 per cent occupancy, “right astatine the borderline of their quality to bash mean business. And past we wonderment wherefore they neglect erstwhile we agelong them”.

Latest figures amusement that much than 1,100 Covid-19 infections were reported connected Tuesday successful the State. There were 299 radical successful Irish hospitals, including 12 successful intensive care, with the illness connected Wednesday, an summation of 15 successful 24 hours.

Dr Henry said determination would beryllium a emergence successful cases of infectious illnesses specified arsenic flu successful Ireland this wintertime and that the emergence of different Covid-19 variant was possible. However, helium said the signals from Australia’s flu season, which are often mirrored during the bluish hemisphere winter, had not been catastrophic truthful far.

He said though determination had been an summation successful the fig of acute beds successful hospitals during the pandemic, determination needed to beryllium alternate forms of entree to healthcare to easiness pressures connected the infirmary system. He said determination should beryllium different points of entree to attraction successful the assemblage earlier they get to exigency departments.

“We can’t funnel each healthcare done exigency departments,” helium said, adding determination had been nether concern successful assemblage attraction successful the past.

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