Trial of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge ends after 16 years and $337m spent with just three convicted

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The planetary tribunal convened successful Cambodia to justice the Khmer Rouge for its brutal 1970s regularisation has ended its enactment aft spending $337m (€342m) and 16 years to convict conscionable 3 men of crimes aft the authorities caused the deaths of an estimated 1.7 cardinal people.

n its last session, the UN-assisted tribunal rejected an entreaty by Khieu Samphan, the past surviving person of the Khmer Rouge authorities that ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. It reaffirmed the beingness condemnation helium received aft being convicted successful 2018 of genocide, crimes against humanity and warfare crimes.

Busloads of mean Cambodians turned up to ticker the last proceedings of a tribunal that had sought to bring justice, accountability and explanations for the crimes.

Many of those attending yesterday’s league lived done the Khmer Rouge terror, including survivors Bou Meng and Chum Mey, who had fixed grounds astatine the tribunal.

Khieu Samphan, sitting successful a wheelchair and wearing a achromatic windbreaker and a look mask, listened to the proceedings connected headphones.

He was the group’s nominal caput of authorities but, successful his proceedings defence, denied having existent decision-making powers erstwhile the Khmer Rouge carried retired a reign of panic to found a utopian agrarian society.

It was ousted from powerfulness successful 1979 by an penetration from neighbouring communist authorities Vietnam.

“No substance what you decide, I volition dice successful prison,” Khieu Samphan said successful his last connection of entreaty to the tribunal past year.
Yesterday’s ruling makes small applicable difference. Khieu Samphan is 91 and already serving different beingness condemnation for his 2014 condemnation for crimes against humanity.
His co-defendant Nuon Chea, the Khmer Rouge’s main ideologist, was convicted doubly and received the aforesaid beingness sentence. He died successful 2019 aged 93.

The tribunal’s lone different condemnation was that of Kaing Guek Eav, besides known arsenic Duch. He was convicted successful 2010 of crimes against humanity, murder, and torture and died successful 2020 astatine property 77 portion serving a beingness sentence.

The Khmer Rouge’s existent chief, Pol Pot, escaped justice. He died successful the jungle successful 1998, aged 72 portion the remnants of his question were warring their past battles successful the guerrilla warfare they launched aft losing power.
With its progressive enactment done, the tribunal, formally called the Extraordinary Chambers successful the Courts of Cambodia, present enters a three-year “residual” period, focusing connected getting its archives successful bid and disseminating accusation astir its enactment for acquisition purposes.

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