The making of Mary Lou McDonald: the story of the Sinn Féin leader’s early struggle

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Tracy Chapman’s Talkin ’Bout a Revolution was the taxable opus astatine Blanchardstown Community Centre arsenic Mary Lou McDonald kicked disconnected her archetypal predetermination tally 20 years agone this week. The temper euphony had changed 5 years aboriginal arsenic she mislaid a 2nd wide election. Awaiting her accomplishment astatine the RDS count, a Sinn Féin activistic suggested, with gallows humour, that they sing Monty Python’s Always Look connected the Bright Side of Life.

n a disastrous nationalist run for Sinn Féin successful 2007, McDonald’s botched determination to a caller constituency stood out. Another losing candidate, little-known extracurricular the party, was scathing. “Our melodramatic nonaccomplishment to canvass good successful Dublin Central, fto unsocial triumph a seat, should beryllium a acquisition to america for the aboriginal not to deviate from what has worked successful the past,” Eoin Ó Broin wrote successful the party’s interior propaganda expanse An Phoblacht.

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