The Irish Times Group posts operating profit of €2.9m

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The radical down The Irish Times made an operating nett of €2.9 cardinal successful 2021 earlier exceptional items and the repayment of Covid subsidies, down from €5.4 cardinal successful 2020.

The media radical repaid €2.6 cardinal to Revenue successful respect of sums it received successful 2020 done the impermanent wage subsidy strategy (TWSS) and leader wages subsidy strategy (EWSS). It decided to repay the wealth aboriginal successful 2021 aft reviewing the “strong” show for 2020 arsenic a whole.

Both revenues and costs climbed successful 2021, latest accounts for The Irish Times DAC show. Turnover roseate 6.4 per cent to €107.5 million, with the directors signalling a instrumentality to “more mean trading conditions” arsenic the interaction of the pandemic subsided.

This recovery, which arrived aft a “challenging start” to the year, was driven by maturation of 22 per cent successful integer subscriptions gross and increases successful integer and people advertizing revenues crossed the organisation, which besides owns the Irish Examiner and a fig of different media assets here.

Print circulation revenues saw a “marginal decline” of 1.2 per cent, with measurement declines partially offset by terms increases.

Michael Sheehan, main fiscal serviceman of The Irish Times Group, said revenues past twelvemonth were “not excessively acold disconnected the nearest mean of 2019″ contempt the ongoing effects of Covid successful the archetypal half, with a beardown last 4th for people advertizing continuing into the archetypal fractional of 2022.

Digital advertizing had “a bully 2021″, but has levelled disconnected arsenic 2022 has progressed, amid advertisers’ rising caution astir the economical outlook.

A “continued focus” connected adding caller paid subscriptions delivered measurement maturation of 8 per cent past year, helped by the motorboat of the Irish Examiner’s integer subscription work successful March 2021. Total subscriber numbers stood astatine 136,653 crossed the radical arsenic of the extremity of 2021, with the complaint of maturation slowing successful the 2nd half.

“We proceed to look astatine further concern successful exertion to enactment our journalism,” Mr Sheehan said. “Cost challenges started to travel done successful the 2nd fractional of 2021 and they person continued into 2022 with newsprint and vigor prices rising, portion the cost-of-living situation has besides affected consumers,” helium added.

"We person a cardinal misunderstanding of our lodging need."

The request is good supra the government's argumentation targets and we're obsessed with joined radical who are conscionable astir to person children, according to the writer of helium latest report, economist Ronan Lyons. The latest figures amusement different 4th of utmost shortages successful rental supply. Economics Correspondent, Eoin Burke Kennedy, besides joins Ciaran to instrumentality a heavy dive into the report. We besides delve into World Cup sponsorship deals with London selling adept and erstwhile caput of the Copa90 shot agency, James Kirkham. Are brands getting bang for their subordinate successful 1 of the astir arguable tournaments successful decades?

Newsprint (printing paper) costs per tonne accrued threefold betwixt the archetypal 4th of 2021 and the existent quarter, portion energy costs person soared by a akin amount.

“These increases are unsustainable for galore successful the manufacture and that’s the situation we’re facing,” Mr Sheehan said.

The group’s caller declaration with rival steadfast Mediahuis to people its Irish Independent and Sunday Independent titles from January 2023 and the Government’s determination to zero-rate people and integer newspapers for VAT volition “provide a spot of leeway”, though challenges remain.

The committee of the company, which is chaired by Dan Flinter and owned by a trust, this week announced the assignment of erstwhile lawman exertion Deirdre Veldon arsenic radical managing director.

Ms Veldon succeeds Paul Mulvaney, who joined the institution successful December 2021, with the accounts stating his yearly wage arsenic €300,000, up from the €270,000 paid to erstwhile managing manager Liam Kavanagh.

Paul O’Neill, who precocious stepped down arsenic exertion of The Irish Times, was paid €240,000 successful 2021, portion Mr Flinter was paid €67,000 for his non-executive role. Mr O’Neill was past period succeeded by Ruadhán Mac Cormaic.

The accounts amusement the outgo of income roseate 8.5 per cent to €74 cardinal successful 2021, portion organisation and administrative costs accrued 11.5 per cent to €30.6 million, arsenic impermanent outgo savings introduced successful 2020 were reversed and the TWSS and EWSS payments were repaid.

Mr Sheehan said the institution had met the thresholds for the schemes erstwhile they were successful operation, but the betterment successful trading arsenic the advertizing marketplace recovered successful precocious 2020 meant it was “the close happening to do” to repay the subsidies.

Significant gains successful radical investments recorded successful 2021, arsenic satellite equity markets rebounded from the interaction of Covid, person been “significantly challenged” during the archetypal fractional of 2022, the accounts state.

Net currency arsenic of the extremity of 2021 remained “strong” astatine €23.7 million, compared to €24 cardinal a twelvemonth earlier.

As good arsenic The Irish Times and Irish Examiner, the radical owns Cork regular the Echo, six play determination titles and bulk stakes successful vigor stations WLR and Beat 102-103. It precocious agreed to merchantability a number involvement successful Cork’s Red FM arsenic portion of the merchantability of the presumption to Today FM and Newstalk proprietor Bauer.

The radical received a further outgo during 2021 relating to its 2017 disposal of its concern successful Entertainment Media Networks, signaling a summation of €105,741. It wrote disconnected a indebtedness of €378,552 relating to Benchwarmers Limited, a sports website it agreed to merchantability successful 2020.

Other subsidiaries owned by the institution see spot concern, grooming institution Itronics and web steadfast DigitalworX, portion the radical besides owns a 50 per cent involvement successful mag steadfast Gloss Publications.

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