The Divine Comedy, baby raves and laughter yoga all on offer at Kaleidoscope Festival 2022

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The Divine Comedy volition bring their eclectic sounds to the main signifier of the Kaleidoscope Festival this twelvemonth arsenic they and Jerry Fish’s Electric Sideshow are the latest acts to beryllium added to the lineup.

aleidoscope Music and Arts Festival volition instrumentality spot astatine Russborough House, Co Wicklow, connected June 24-26, and features apical acts specified arsenic Feeder, James Morrison, Lyra and a unrecorded acceptable from Dec Pierce’s Block Rockin’ Beats.

Jerry Fish holds the exalted presumption of Ringmaster of the full festival, and volition marque the main signifier his location for the play – hosting, performing and welcoming peculiar guests connected stage.

The festival bills itself arsenic a household affable lawsuit and volition adjacent diagnostic babe raves, porridge parties and laughter yoga among dozens of activities to screen each ages.

Festival goers volition beryllium treated to 3 days of euphony and amusement dispersed implicit 12 stages, situated successful the beauteous surrounds of the stunning County Wicklow estate.

The programme volition connection those seeking a balanced play a wide scope of activities arsenic portion of the programme.

Laughter yoga, tug-of-war, peddle-push Go-carts, paddle boarding, kayaking, zip lining, a regular 5k run, archery, tai chi, drumming workshops, a skate park, castle, croquet, and adjacent welly-throwing competitions are each portion of the offering.

There volition besides beryllium a cinema, subject shows and galore workshops to support everyone entertained.

Organisers person said the festival, which wishes to promote a steadfast and balanced attack to living, is “the lone euphony festival to person incorporated a sports and wellness programme to festivities”.

Organised 5k and 2.5k races kickstart Saturday and Sunday earlier schoolhouse amusive time events specified arsenic egg-and-spoon races and three-legged dashes. There are besides household shot matches scheduled, arsenic good arsenic rugby and Gaelic shot grooming sessions for those wishing to hone their skills.

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For those who are brave astatine heart, zoom done the aerial connected the zipline, clamber to caller heights connected the climbing wall, and spot however good you tin sprout connected people arsenic you get to grips with a bow and arrow and the past creation of archery.

Family cycles connected the adjacent greenway are besides connected connection portion h2o sports aficionados are besides catered for with the 200-year-old concealed passageway from the grounds of the property to Blessington Lake allowing revellers to kayak, spell boating connected the water oregon trial your equilibrium astatine stand-up paddleboarding.

The World’s largest bouncy castle besides returns to the festival successful 2022 which is definite to tyre retired the small ones, and the not-so-little.

The Woodland Spa volition assistance those looking for a chill play to unwind with massages portion Tai Chi and meditation are besides offered to attendees, not to notation laughter yoga for those successful request of a giggle and a stretch.

Drumming workshops volition besides beryllium connected connection to those who privation to marque euphony arsenic good arsenic bask the weekend’s acts.

Weekend, time tickets and household passes for Kaleidoscope are disposable connected Ticketmaster oregon the festival website.

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