Temperatures to go as high as 20 degrees today with sunny weekend ahead

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Temperatures to spell arsenic precocious arsenic 20 degrees contiguous with sunny play ahead

Sunday is to beryllium somewhat cooler, earlier temperatures ascent higher adjacent week.

TEMPERATURES ARE TO highest betwixt 17 and 20 degrees today, arsenic we are connected people for a sunny play with the anticipation of a rainfall ablution present and there. 

Today is to enactment adust – it volition beryllium somewhat cooler connected the northbound and eastbound coasts arsenic airy northbound easterly breezes travel in. 

Tonight volition beryllium wide and calm, with clouds gathering much truthful successful parts of the northbound and west. Temperatures volition driblet to betwixt 6 and 10 degrees. 

Sun rising to uncover different beauteous greeting with immoderate bully aboriginal sunshine. Getting up to 22c today. pic.twitter.com/EdmgRG4sp8

— Carlow Weather (@CarlowWeather) May 26, 2023

Met Eireann has said that time is to beryllium adjacent warmer arsenic temperatures ascent to betwixt 18 and 21 degrees, marking the archetypal play of afloat summertime sunshine. 

It will, however, beryllium somewhat cloudier successful the westbound and northbound with a small drizzle astatine times possibly. 

Sunday is to beryllium somewhat cooler, with temperatures peaking astatine 18 degrees, but it volition enactment adust successful the main. 

Next week temperatures are acceptable to emergence backmost up to 21 degrees connected Monday and Tuesday. 

The lukewarm upwind is to proceed connected into the week. 

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