Strive named winner of NovaUCD student competition

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Strive squad members Aness Al Qawlaq, Saoirse Kelders and Sean Hughes. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

By Ciara O'Brien

Thu Jun 23 2022 - 11:26

A HR start-up that matches students and graduates with jobs has been named the victor of this year’s NovaUCD Student Enterprise Competition.

Strive, which uses instrumentality learning to assistance lucifer graduates and companies for a amended fit, bushed 9 different enterprises to triumph the €5,000 currency prize.

The squad down the institution is Saoirse Kelders, Raena McElwee, Yevhenii Mormul and Aness Al Qawlaq, each from UCD, and Sean Hughes, a postgraduate of NUI Galway. The endeavor volition absorption connected providing higher prime accusation astir vocation opportunities, transparency, and information driven insights to assistance students to find careers they are passionate about. Employers tin usage the level to amended retention rates and prosecute candidates amended suited to their organisation.

“Strive’s extremity is to beryllium the world’s archetypal transparency-based recruitment platform, providing adjacent visibility to start-ups, SMEs, societal enterprises, and multinational corporations and to promote students and graduates to deliberation bigger astir the archetypal measurement successful their careers, to beryllium bold, and spark curiosity and excitement for the future,” said Ms Kelders.

The institution present intends to use for an Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Programme and question enactment from a Local Enterprise Office to motorboat the website and app, prosecute unit and commencement to physique a idiosyncratic base.

There were 10 early-stage start-ups and 24 participants successful this year’s competition, which is successful its eighth year. The contention is an intensive four-week mentoring programme for pupil entrepreneurs who privation to enactment unneurotic to make and turn start-up companies. The programme offers a bid of workshops to assistance students refine their ideas.

“It was fantastic that aft 2 years of being virtual this year’s four-week contention took spot in-person enabling the participating students to travel unneurotic astatine NovaUCD to refine their start-up ideas,” said Tom Flanagan, UCD Director of Enterprise and Commercialisation. “We present anticipation successful the months up to spot galore of these early-stage pupil ventures determination guardant and make further and successful owed people successfully motorboat connected the market. I would particularly similar to congratulate the strive team, the wide victor of this year’s NovaUCD Student Enterprise Competition.”

Trust Homes, which is tackling scams successful the spot rental marketplace done a unafraid level for some tenants and landlords, was named second, scooping a €3,000 currency prize. successful 3rd received €2,000. The level supports meaningful enactment connected clime alteration utilizing an ecosystem of products, services and resources to assistance advocates connected their sustainability journey.

The remaining 7 ventures each person a €1,000 currency prize for completing the programme.

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