Still waiting for your NCT? Try these tips to keep your car in shape

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Motorists are being urged not to usage delays successful getting their cars NCT tested arsenic an excuse for letting their vehicles descent into disrepair.

e each know, and perceive each day, of agelong delays successful getting a slot to get a car tested. Backlogs of immense numbers of vehicles to beryllium tested mean radical are having to hold galore weeks and months to get their cars to the trial centres.

The work providers person recovered it hard to find capable unit to assistance header with the backlog.

When combined with the build-up of cars already good down their owed day arsenic a carryover from lockdown, some testers and owners person been deed hard by the cleanable storm.

While a grade of leniency is being applied connected an ad-hoc ground by gardaí, wherever a car’s trial day has expired and a caller trial has been applied for, drivers should support their car arsenic if it were being tested the adjacent day.

Remember that the time of the trial is lone a snapshot. Things tin spell incorrect astatine immoderate stage. Tyres, for example, are among items perpetually successful request of attention.

They are consistently among the apical 5 reasons for NCT nonaccomplishment – radical are conscionable not checking them.

Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres is reminding america each to marque definite we person our cars acceptable for the road.

He said: “We cognize from surveys and feedback from tyre dealers crossed the state that galore motorists don’t springiness a 2nd thought to the roadworthiness of their cars erstwhile they walk the NCT.

“In airy of the caller agelong delays successful NCT testing, immoderate motorists mightiness beryllium dicing with information successful neglecting the upkeep of their car, successful peculiar if they received an proposal announcement astir the functioning of their car erstwhile they past presented it for a test.”

With that successful mind, present are a fig of elemental checks you should regularly transportation retired to support your car successful bully signifier and acceptable for the test.


A cheque connected tyres tin beryllium carried retired simply and rapidly by checking the tread extent and tyre unit arsenic good arsenic keeping an oculus retired for immoderate bumps. It is recommended that tyres should beryllium checked astatine slightest each 2 weeks and surely earlier a agelong journey.


Brakes and brake fluid levels are captious information elements. If determination is immoderate “softness” erstwhile you property the pedal, person your car checked retired by a professional.


You volition request 2 radical for this: 1 idiosyncratic needs to locomotion astir the car portion the lights are tested.


Windscreen wipers (including the rear ones) tin go worn and permission streaks connected the windscreen which diminishes visibility. Also cheque the level of your windscreen wash. They bare rather quickly.

Coolant and antifreeze

Consult your car’s handbook to cheque some are astatine close levels. It’s inactive wintertime and you request them.


This should beryllium checked connected older vehicles particularly arsenic they whitethorn usage a driblet oregon 2 much than newer vehicles.

Mr Dennigan says the onus is connected each motorists to “proactively instrumentality work for the roadworthiness of their vehicle”.

There is excessively overmuch astatine involvement to neglect upkeep. He added that motorists who lone deliberation of this astatine NCT clip are pushing the hazard to the limit, fixed the magnitude of delays.

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