Stephen Bradley working on day-by-day basis due to son’s illness

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Stephen Bradley says Shamrock Rovers are monitoring the abrupt influx of each Russian and Ukrainian based nine players into the unfastened market. Photograph: Evan Treacy/Inpho

By Paul Buttner

Thu Jun 23 2022 - 13:13

Stephen Bradley says he’s presently having to negociate Shamrock Rovers connected a day-by-day ground arsenic helium and his household header with comforting his sick son.

The Rovers caput manager didn’t be the champions’ 1-0 decision astatine Dundalk past Friday to beryllium with the eight-year-old who is having ongoing attraction successful hospital.

“My lad is not good and portion I cognize radical know, I would alternatively permission it arsenic a backstage matter,” said Bradley, understandably initially reluctant to talk astir it astatine this morning’s media briefing up of time evening’s Dublin derby with Bohemians astatine a 7,500 sellout astatine Tallaght Stadium.

“Yes. If his attraction allows maine to beryllium and if each is going well, I volition be,” said Bradley connected whether helium volition beryllium astatine the crippled time night. “He comes first. If helium responds good to the treatment, hopefully I tin beryllium astatine games and grooming arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. That’s what helium wants maine to do.”

Asked if helium had considered stepping backmost wholly for the moment, Bradley said: “It each comes down to however helium is.

“If helium is not responding close to treatment, that is wherever I volition be. I spoke to the players and the radical and the nine person been superb successful presumption of their support.

“It each comes down to him. He and the household are the precedence for maine and close present helium is responding good and doing well, which allows maine to beryllium present and absorption connected what we’re doing.

“We’re taking it day-by-day really.”

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