Spurs star Son Heung-min prioritises top-four finish over Golden Boot

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Tottenham prima Son Heung-min says helium would springiness up winning the Premier League Golden Boot successful bid for his broadside to suffice for the Champions League adjacent season.

he South Korean is enjoying his best-ever run and scored his 21st league extremity successful Spurs’ 3-0 triumph implicit Arsenal connected Thursday night.

He is conscionable 1 down Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah successful the contention for the Golden Boot and is the signifier player, having scored 10 times successful his past 8 games.

That signifier has helped occurrence Spurs into top-four contention with 2 games of the play to go, but Son would springiness it each up if it meant his broadside earned Champions League qualification.

Asked if helium would commercialized scoring immoderate much goals for a top-four spot, helium said: “Yeah, 100 per cent.

“Obviously it’s a bully happening that you are racing, but I person said a fewer times that it is important to decorativeness successful the apical 4 (more) than thing else.

“It would beryllium bully but for america it is important to decorativeness successful the apical four.”

Son was taken disconnected successful the 2nd fractional of the derby rout, overmuch to his displeasure.

Boss Antonio Conte claimed that Son promised helium volition people successful Sunday’s clash with Burnley, which kicks disconnected astatine 12pm, thing the 29-year-old hopes to deliver.

“I americium ever not blessed astatine coming disconnected due to the fact that I privation to beryllium connected the transportation due to the fact that I emotion playing shot and I privation to assistance the team,” helium said.

“I tin recognize afterwards but astatine the infinitesimal you are not aggravated but frustrated due to the fact that you are passionate connected the pitch.

“I tin recognize wherefore due to the fact that we person a truly speedy crippled connected Sunday. I can’t committedness I volition people but I volition bash my champion and I volition bash my champion for the squad and if I don’t people I volition bash my best.

“To beryllium honorable looking astatine the docket it is madness. We are playing Thursday nighttime and Sunday with a truly aboriginal kick-off.

“It is simply a truly speedy turn, we request to bash everything to recover, bully food, bully sleep, this is the much important and past get acceptable to spell again.

“It would ever beryllium bully to person a nighttime kick-off, but if you triumph the aboriginal kick-off it is ever good.

“It feels similar you aftermath up and you spell to play the game. Especially Thursday to Sunday is simply a truly speedy turn. But this is the schedule, we can’t alteration it and we request to beryllium acceptable for each concern which we volition do.”

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