Sir Cliff Richard: I don’t want to retire because I don’t want a ‘comeback’

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Sir Cliff Richard said helium whitethorn halt making euphony – but volition ne'er officially discontinue due to the fact that helium does not similar the thought of a ‘comeback’.

he 82-year-old vocalist was connected BBC Radio 2 with Ken Bruce for an exclusive archetypal play of his caller Christmas azygous Heart of Christmas connected Thursday.

Asked if helium volition halt making music, helium said: “Stop is simply a bully word. I mightiness halt 1 day. I don’t privation to retire. Once you’ve retired you consciousness you’ve got to enactment distant and if you bash privation to bash thing it’s called a comeback. And each clip I perceive idiosyncratic has done a comeback I’m reasoning they’ve tally retired of money.

“Recording is truthful overmuch fun, if I could grounds each time of my beingness I would. It’s ever a situation due to the fact that each clip you bash an album, determination is thing antithetic astir it.”

Sir Cliff said helium was approached by a grounds institution to make his caller medium Christmas With Cliff, which includes 9 classical Christmas tracks and 3 caller songs.


Cover creation  for Christmas with Cliff (East West Records/PA)

Cover creation for Christmas with Cliff (East West Records/PA)

Cover creation for Christmas with Cliff (East West Records/PA)

He said: “It’s a amusive medium and I anticipation radical similar it. Unusually, I utilized 2 producers due to the fact that I wanted to person a dynamic… and they gave it to me. They were fantastic producers – antithetic styles of euphony but connected due to the fact that of Christmas.

“The backing tracks were done successful LA and I enactment my dependable connected successful Miami. I recovered a workplace the Bee Gees utilized to usage and I’m a large instrumentality of the Bee Gees truthful I said, ‘Yeah, lets bash it there’.”

Sir Cliff has enjoyed UK illustration occurrence with erstwhile festive songs, with Mistletoe And Wine bagging the coveted Christmas fig 1 slot successful 1988, and Saviour’s Day taking the rubric successful 1990, according to the Official Charts Company.

In 1960, with backing set The Shadows, the opus I Love You was Christmas fig one.


The Beatles’ medium  screen  of Abbey Road (PA)

The Beatles’ medium screen of Abbey Road (PA)

The Beatles’ medium screen of Abbey Road (PA)

Over the festive period, Sir Cliff volition look successful a one-hour BBC Two TV peculiar which volition spot him talking to broadcaster Sara Cox astatine the Abbey Road Studios and performing a premix of Christmas classics, caller songs and his best-loved hits – some solo and successful collaboration with “special guests”.

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Recalling an anecdote astir the euphony studios, made celebrated by the Beatles’ Abbey Road medium cover, Sir Cliff said: “In fact, erstwhile I met (Sir) Paul (McCartney) determination once, they were celebrating the 50th twelvemonth oregon thing – I cant retrieve what it was – but helium said to me, ‘Cor, we hated you’, and I said, ‘What bash you mean?’

“He said, ‘Every clip we called workplace two, you had it’. I said, ‘Oh, please, Paul, don’t springiness maine that rubbish. We hated you due to the fact that each clip Bruce Welsh called to publication the workplace for us, you had it’.

“We were hating each different for nary crushed astatine all. We were some favourites. To beryllium fair, they made it famous, the medium Abbey Road made it truly famous, truthful bully connected them.”

Sir Cliff said helium has a circuit planned for adjacent twelvemonth but it volition lone see less than a twelve dates.

He added: “It’s not a precise agelong tour. The dense touring is simply a existent strain, peculiarly connected the vocal cords. You aftermath up successful the greeting hoping your dependable volition beryllium OK for contiguous truthful that’s a stressful thing, truthful I’m lone doing astir 8 concerts adjacent twelvemonth and it’ll beryllium fun. I similar it and it’s bully to beryllium successful beforehand of the public. It’s a communal love.

“You’ve got to beryllium a spot dignified erstwhile you’re 82.”

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