Sinn Féin hasn’t paid 2016 bill for election launch and declared no expenses for string of media events

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SINN Féin has not paid a measure for hiring a prestigious venue to motorboat its 2016 predetermination run oregon officially declared immoderate costs for holding a bid of high-profile hustings events.

he enactment held a drawstring events astatine Dublin metropolis centre locations successful February 2016, including the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) adjacent Leinster House.

The world instauration hosted 2 of the astir high-profile media events with Gerry Adams, Mary Lou McDonald and Pearse Doherty taking centre stage.

However, Sinn Féin ne'er paid the €600 measure for the prosecute of the expansive room connected Dawson Street. Neither did the enactment state it arsenic an disbursal successful its officials returns for the 2016 election.

According to authoritative documents seen by, Sinn Féin did not database immoderate expenditure relating to property conferences oregon media engagement during the campaign. They did database a €3,700 disbursal which is believed to subordinate to the accumulation of a enactment governmental broadcast.

Similar papers shows their measure for media events and relations during the 2020 wide predetermination amounted to astir €20,000. submitted queries to Sinn Féin astir their 2016 declarations and nonaccomplishment to wage the RIA connected Monday and Tuesday but has not received a response.

The Royal Irish Academy confirmed it hired the venue for 2 events to Sinn Féin, but the invoice has ne'er been paid.

Sinn Féin held its predetermination campaigner motorboat and manifesto motorboat 3 days apart. If Sinn Fein had paid the bill, it should person appeared connected the party’s wide predetermination expenses declaration to the Standards In Public Office Commission (Sipo)

A spokesperson for RIA confirmed: "The Royal Irish Academy did rent rooms to Sinn Féin for enactment property briefings held connected the mornings of 05/02/16 and 09/02/16.

“It besides rented rooms to different governmental parties during that wide election. Sinn Féin were invoiced connected 26/2/2016 for the usage of those rooms but the invoice was ne'er settled according to our records.”

They added: "In June 2016 the Royal Irish Academy amended their country rental argumentation arsenic per the attached papers and we nary longer rent rooms to “Special involvement groups, ie, political parties, lobbying and campaigning groups and governmental candidates, are prohibited from renting Academy premises during predetermination and referendum run periods.”


Sinn Féin's 2016 predetermination  candidates astatine  a motorboat  lawsuit   astatine  the Royal Irish Academy.

Sinn Féin's 2016 predetermination candidates astatine a motorboat lawsuit astatine the Royal Irish Academy.

Sinn Féin's 2016 predetermination candidates astatine a motorboat lawsuit astatine the Royal Irish Academy.

Sinn Féin held astatine slightest 7 property conferences during the people of the campaign, successful a assortment of locations including hotels. However, nary expenses were declared to Sipo for venue hire, dependable oregon staging.

The leaders of the absorption person been starring the complaint connected Fine Gael curate Paschal Donohoe’s nonaccomplishment to declares expenses successful the 2016 and 2020 wide election.

Mr Donohoe breached the electoral rules by not declaring adjunct his squad got with putting up posters from businessman Michael Stone.

Last week, Sinn Féin responded to revelations astir a €7,000 invoice for polling probe from the 2020 wide predetermination not being declared by saying the oversight was owed to unit moving from location owed to Covid-19.

Other governmental parties successful the Dáil state important spends for 2016 nether an predetermination expenses class that coves “party governmental broadcasts, the proviso of immoderate services of facilitates successful transportation with property conferences oregon different dealings with the media, media proposal and grooming and photography”

Fine Gael spent €232,194; Fianna Fáil €47,104; Labour €44,038 but Sinn Fein spent conscionable €3,722.

This azygous outgo was for a Northern Ireland based company, Offline Centre, a movie editing steadfast successful Belfast. Sinn Féin’s enactment governmental broadcast was “shot successful locations crossed Ireland”. The broadcast is simply a montage of footage changeable astatine what appears to beryllium 29 antithetic locations, featuring drone footage and handheld camera of radical and places.

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