Simon Coveney invites US President Joe Biden to visit Ireland ‘soon’

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Foreign affairs curate Simon Coveney has invited US President Joe Biden to sojourn Ireland “soon”.

r Coveney met Mr Biden and the First Lady Jill Biden  last nighttime successful New York alternatively of the Taoiseach aft his formation from Dublin had to beryllium diverted backmost owed to a vertebrate strike.

The curate said helium invited Mr Biden to travel “home” and told him a full state is waiting for the US President, who has roots successful Louth and Mayo.

“I said to him that determination is simply a state waiting for a sojourn and helium would beryllium extraordinarily invited erstwhile helium comes backmost home, effectively,” helium told reporters successful New York.

“He said to maine helium was truly looking guardant to that sojourn and helium hopes that it tin hap soon.

“President Biden wears his Irishness connected his sleeve,” helium said.

Mr Coveney wouldn’t accidental if Mr Biden would sojourn earlier Christmas but said helium was “certainly hopeful” that it would beryllium successful the “not excessively distant future”.

The 2 men besides discussed Mr Biden’s gathering with caller British Prime Minister Liz Truss and the US President reiterated his committedness to the Good Friday Agreement.

“He raised the constituent with maine that helium had met the British Prime Minister yesterday and helium made it precise wide that the bid accords, arsenic they are referred to here, request to beryllium protected successful the discourse of the ongoing contexts and negotiations successful narration to the Northern Ireland Protocol,” said Mr Coveney.

“It was a good, affable discussion.”

The curate was speaking soon aft helium addressed the UN Security Council this morning, wherever helium said Ireland has filed a declaration of involution astatine the International Court of Justice successful Ukraine’s lawsuit against Russia.

He besides spoke astir his ain acquisition of seeing victims of bodies successful Bucha, however, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the incidental successful Bucha was “staged”.

Mr Coveney said this was “more Russian disinformation” and said the planetary tribunal volition marque “very wide determinations” connected warfare crimes.

“My publication contiguous was astir holding Russia to account,” helium said.

“The planetary assemblage cannot disregard the aggression of 1 state against the different wherever a ample state has invaded their neighbour.”

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