Savoir Fare review: ‘I wish Ireland had more restaurants like this wonderful nose-to-tail Irish-French bistro’

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I can’t warrant you’ll get a poesy speechmaking to travel your luncheon astatine Savoir Fare arsenic we did during a caller sojourn to Westport for Westival, but I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if you do. It seems to beryllium the benignant of edifice wherever events specified arsenic this hap not infrequently. Our repast coincides with a speechmaking by Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award victor Geraldine Mitchell, who divides her clip betwixt Mayo and France. Wry and witty with a unsocial benignant honed by her hybrid life, Mitchell’s enactment is perfectly successful tune with what’s going connected astatine Savoir Fare, itself a alternatively unsocial Hiberno-French spot which has charmed maine connected respective occasions implicit the past fewer months.

irst, determination were the fantabulous picnic boxes of Irish food and charcuterie we nabbed 1 time to prolong america connected the bid travel from Westport to Dublin, connected which determination is inactive nary trolley. Would that we’d had the foresight to prime up a vessel of vino from Savoir Fare’s classy enactment — section star, pharmacist/winemaker Róisín Curley, occupies pridefulness of spot connected its shelves — to travel this feast, but it was beauteous bully adjacent without.

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