Remaining Ulster Bank branches to shut in April

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Ulster Bank has announced that its remaining 63 Ulster Bank branches volition cease each transactions connected March 31 of this year, with branches permanently closing connected April 21.

rom the extremity of March, customers volition nary longer beryllium capable to lodge currency oregon cheques. It volition not beryllium imaginable to marque immoderate withdrawals from an Ulster Bank ATM.

Customers volition besides nary longer beryllium capable to entree Ulster Bank services done An Post’s web of station offices from March 31.

These branches volition permanently unopen connected April 21.

In the play from the opening of April to the day erstwhile each branches volition close, colleagues volition stay successful the branches to assistance immoderate remaining idiosyncratic oregon concern customers to adjacent their accounts and determination banks.

Ulster Bank besides warned that existent and deposit accounts that person passed their six period announcement play are present queued for closure. This excludes known susceptible customers and those who person Social Protection payments.

An relationship is frozen for 30 days erstwhile the announcement play is up. Without a lawsuit petition during this time, the account is past closed.

Ulster Bank reported that 59pc of idiosyncratic existent accounts are closed, portion 41pc of concern accounts person been shut.

Around 600 Ulster Bank colleagues person applied for redundancy pursuing the opening of 2 programmes by the slope successful November. They are acceptable to decorativeness moving with the slope successful the coming months, portion others person been transferred to Permanent TSB and AIB pursuing the acquisition of Ulster Bank assets by some banks.

Permanent TSB has besides acquired 25 Ulster Bank branches.

Ulster Bank volition unfastened different redundancy programme adjacent month, with further programmes expected aboriginal successful the year.

“Today is different important time successful our phased withdrawal arsenic we pass the closure dates of our remaining branches to colleagues, customers and different stakeholders,” main enforcement Jane Howard said.

“By the clip we adjacent our branches, we cognize that the closure of existent and deposit accounts volition person materially concluded,” she added.

The Financial Services Union (FSU) said that today’s announcement is “bad for staff, atrocious for consumers and atrocious for business.”

“It is incomprehensible to deliberation the Central Bank are going to basal by and ticker hundreds of thousands of radical beryllium forcefully rebanked implicit the adjacent 10 weeks,” wide caput John O’Connell said.

“The FSU person agelong called for the exit timelines to beryllium extended and for customers and unit to beryllium treated with dignity and respect. The announcement by Ulster Bank contiguous shows a implicit deficiency of knowing and consciousness from the slope of the upheaval that the exit of Ulster Bank is having connected unit and customers.”

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