Preliminary census results show highest population since 1841

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CENTRAL STATISTICS OFFICE (CSO) preliminary information from this year’s census showed that Ireland’s colonisation connected census nighttime was 5,123,536, an summation of 7.6% from 2016.

This was an further 361,721 people, with much radical migrating into the state (190,333) than were calved present (171,338).

Longford was the region with the biggest proportional summation successful colonisation of 14%, apt owed to its debased population.

This was followed by Meath astatine 12.9%, and Fingal and Kildare astatine 11% each.

Donegal, Kilkenny, Kerry and Tipperary saw the lowest growth, astatine 5% each.

This year’s results, which volition beryllium finalised adjacent year, amusement a alteration successful migration trends from the erstwhile census.

A nett mean of 31,000 radical arrived successful the state each twelvemonth betwixt 2016 and 2022, successful opposition to a nett emigration of 5,000 per twelvemonth betwixt 2011 and 2016.

There was besides an summation of 120,945 houses since 2016, up 6%.

This is an mean of a 1% summation successful lodging annually implicit the six years, falling down the colonisation maturation of 1.2% annually successful the aforesaid time.

While immoderate counties specified arsenic Kildare saw their lodging banal summation (12%) much than colonisation (11%), Leitrim recorded a colonisation maturation of 3,000 radical (a 10% increase) compared to lone 600 caller houses (up 3% from 2016).

The bulk of caller houses were located successful Dublin and the surrounding counties.

In Kildare and Meath the banal of habitable dwellings accrued by 12%, Wicklow was up 9% and lodging banal successful Dublin and Louth roseate by 7%.

166,000 houses were classified arsenic vacant connected census night, nevertheless the CSO emphasised that the categories for vacancy were wide and not indicative of semipermanent vacancy.

35,000 vacant homes were vacant due to the fact that they were up for rent, portion the spot owners of 27,000 dwellings had passed away, and a further 23,000 were nether renovation.

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Most vacant houses were successful the North West of the country.

Derelict properties and vacation homes were not counted arsenic being vacant.

It was noted that astir 1 3rd of the vacant houses successful this year’s census (48,000) were besides vacant during the 2016 census.

There was a alteration successful vacancy of 9% from 2016, oregon 16,560 less vacant dwellings.

Galway City (38%) and Dublin City (30%) were the areas with the highest proportions of vacant rental properties.

In Roscommon (25%), Galway County (24%) and Mayo (24%) properties were astir often vacant due to the fact that the proprietor was deceased.

Domestic migration information besides released showed that 46,000 radical moved to Dublin since the past census, with 20,000 going to Cork and 15,000 moving to Meath.

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