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PwC has immoderate 400 disposable roles connected their postgraduate programme crossed each areas of the business, with opportunities to articulation the steadfast successful either 2023 oregon 2024. The steadfast is seeking graduates crossed a wide scope of disciplines including accounting, science, engineering, technology, instrumentality and others. Graduates volition articulation a value-driven, innovative, collaborative culture, wherever they volition beryllium supported to unlock their afloat imaginable to succeed. They volition beryllium fixed work connected breathtaking projects, with starring planetary brands, and acquisition firsthand however concern works, with enactment from their teams, coaches and mentors, from time one. Enabling teams to enactment flexibly is simply a halfway portion of the acquisition of moving astatine PwC. Each squad is supported to optimise their wellbeing done an informal flexibility attack ‘Everyday Flexibility’ which includes hybrid working. Each squad works unneurotic to find the champion premix of where, erstwhile and however they bash this with the bureau playing a captious relation to bring radical unneurotic for connection, collaboration, innovation and learning.

Important dates: Applications opened astatine commencement of September and volition adjacent mid-October, followed by an interrogation process.

See: pwc.ie/careers-ie


Accenture offers postgraduate programmes crossed 5 introduction streams: Analytics, Consulting, Business & Technology Integration, Cyber Security and Software Engineering. Along with a competitory marketplace worth salary, graduates are provided with ongoing training, mentorship and unrecorded task experience. Combined with this grooming and development, the programme besides offers benefits including backstage healthcare, paid overtime, yearly leave, paid volunteering days annually, outer studies support, survey permission and a pension enactment with institution contributions.

Important dates: Applications for the 2023 programme are present unfastened and volition see opportunities for those who privation to commencement astatine Accenture successful aboriginal Spring. The exertion deadline volition beryllium the extremity of October but it is beneficial to use aboriginal arsenic Assessment Centres volition capable up quickly! Salaries commencement astatine €35k and the exertion process is virtual and includes gamified online challenges utilizing augmented reality, virtual assessments, collaborative task enactment and interviews. Interested graduates should use aboriginal to debar disappointment and guarantee you springiness the exertion illustration arsenic overmuch effort arsenic you would your CV, incorporating each of your transferrable skills. See: accenture.com/grads for updates.


The EY Ireland postgraduate programme 2023 volition beryllium enrolling implicit 400 graduates adjacent autumn crossed their 5 offices successful Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Waterford and Galway, with the enactment of a hybrid exemplary wherever the postgraduate tin besides enactment from home. EY are funny successful hiring students from each disciplines and backgrounds. They are looking for halfway transferable skills specified arsenic occupation solving, resilience, originative reasoning and proactivity. In return, they assistance graduates to make unsocial skills and empower them to excel. Programme areas see Tax and Law, Assurance, Consulting, Technology Consulting, Strategy & Transactions and Data Analytics. EY graduates enactment successful precocious performing planetary teams connected the astir analyzable projects and challenges that clients face. The steadfast offers a competitory and wide ranging package. Applying to EY postgraduate programmes is straightforward.

Important dates: All applicants are required to taxable an exertion form, on with a CV for the programme. Apply earlier October 12th. See: ey.com/en_ie/careers/what-you-cando-here/student-programmes

Irish Distillers

For implicit 30 years, the award-winning Jameson International Graduate Programme has been offering graduates the accidental to go a Jameson Brand Ambassador and hone their skills successful income and selling promoting Jameson Irish Whiskey successful markets astir the world. The programme’s induction grooming ensures that graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools they request to deed the crushed moving successful 1 of 35 markets crossed the world. Over 400 graduates person participated successful the Jameson International Graduate Programme since its inception successful 1991 and the programme has been voted the astir fashionable FMCG postgraduate leader successful Ireland for 8 consecutive years. The firms is seeking candidates with “serious character,” which it defines arsenic graduates who are creative, innovative, self-starters who are superior astir getting the occupation done – but don’t instrumentality themselves excessively seriously.

Important dates: Applications for the 2023/24 postgraduate intake volition unfastened successful October 2022. See: jamesongraduateprogramme.com The Irish Distillers Engineering Graduate Programme offers engineers the accidental to statesman a vocation with the world’s starring shaper of Irish whiskey. The ambition of the postgraduate programme is to enactment graduates to go Irish Distillers engineers of the future. Graduates volition enactment alongside a world-class whiskey accumulation squad successful a structured and challenging two-year placement that offers existent responsibilities, planned learning, defined rotations and task work. Important dates Applications for this programme are present open. See: irishdistillers.ie/careers/earlycareers/engineering


Deloitte’s 2023 Graduate Programme is present unfastened with 400+ postgraduate positions disposable crossed each concern areas, with a assortment of roles including accounting, finance, tax, consulting, technology, and a scope of specialised areas including sustainability, cyber and legal, among others. The steadfast encourages applications from a scope of disciplines including Arts, Business, Maths, Accounting, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, and Sustainability. Deloitte operates a hybrid moving strategy, Deloitte Works, crossed the firm’s Irish offices: Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Belfast, and Galway. It does not acceptable a time per week to enactment from the bureau oregon location arsenic flexibility is important and determination is simply a designation that antithetic projects and clients person idiosyncratic needs. Following the online application, candidates volition implicit an untimed immersive online assessment, the Deloitte Virtual Experience Programme, which is simply a fantastic mode to larn astir beingness astatine Deloitte, the quality betwixt the concern areas and person a personalised strengths feedback report. The institution offers competitory full reward and benefits packages, with wellbeing, healthcare, pension, learning and improvement and a broad programme of enactment for nonrecreational qualifications (if applicable). Deloitte has 1 of the highest walk rates successful Ireland for nonrecreational exams owed to its pupil support, including fiscal allowances, in-house exam enactment with introductory sessions, tutorials, exam mentation workshops, an exam helpline, and generous survey leave.

Important date: Applications for astir areas volition adjacent connected the 12th of October, but applicants are recommended to use arsenic aboriginal arsenic possible. See: www2.deloitte.com/student


This is Vodafone’s 13th twelvemonth of moving its Irish Graduate Programme and they’re connected the lookout for 40 graduates who person a passionateness for innovation, teamwork and technology. Those who are selected for the programme are encouraged to make their interests and skills with applicable acquisition done 1 of Vodafone’s 7 tailored postgraduate streams including; Technology, Data, Business Management, Marketing & Communications, Digital Design, Corporate Security and Legal & Finance. During their 18-month placement, graduates volition acquisition 2 rotations wrong their chosen watercourse and tin look guardant to in-person and virtual training, dedicated mentoring and existent work from the start, equipping them with everything they request to advancement and go an adept successful their field. On average, 85 per cent of Vodafone graduates spell connected to unafraid imperishable roles wrong the company. Graduates volition person a competitory wage and tin tailor their ain benefits bundle on with a hybrid moving exemplary including 20 days moving abroad, and entree to carnal and intelligence wellbeing supports done Vodafone’s onsite and virtual Wellness Centre facilities.

Important dates: Applications unfastened September 19th and adjacent November 4th. See: n.vodafone.ie/careers/graduates.html


Since its inception successful 2015, implicit 170 students from Irish universities person taken portion successful Huawei’s ‘Seeds for the Future’ programme. Students instrumentality a assortment of basal and precocious courses covering the latest innovations successful astute cities, artificial intelligence, unreality computing, 5G, and the Internet of Things. Guest lectures connected integer transformation, sustainable technology, and strategical enactment are delivered by Huawei elder engineers and manufacture thought-leaders. The 2022 programme volition besides spot students instrumentality portion successful squad exercises including Huawei’s Tech4Good project, which challenges participants to analyse however to leverage exertion to code pressing societal and biology issues. Third-level students studying STEM subjects astatine Irish universities oregon leaving certificate students considering a thirdlevel people successful STEM are eligible to apply. There is simply a €250K assistance money for the programme with the 50 apical performing students each receiving €5,000. The 2022 ‘Seeds for the Future’ programme volition beryllium constricted to 100 students with the people taking spot connected 24 – 31 October.

Important dates: To apply, students should nonstop their CV, a transcript of their world records, and an effort of 400 - 600 words oregon a 2-3 infinitesimal information video reflecting their interests and wherefore they should beryllium chosen to instrumentality part, to [email protected]. The deadline for submissions is 10 October.

Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright Programme was founded successful 1946 and is the largest and astir prestigious US planetary speech programme successful the world, offering opportunities successful much than 165 countries worldwide. The Fulbright Commission successful Ireland annually awards scholarships for Irish and EU citizens to study, probe oregon thatch successful the United States, and for Americans to bash the aforesaid successful Ireland. Since its formation, much than 2,500 postgraduate students, scholars, artists, professionals and Irish connection teachers person participated successful the programme betwixt the 2 countries. Candidates tin use for Fulbright scholarships to undertake Masters degrees, PhDs, oregon portion of their PhD programmes, oregon to undertake probe and lecture successful an organisation of their prime successful the US Irish connection teachers tin besides use to thatch Irish astatine 1 of Fulbright’s spouse colleges oregon universities successful the USA. With an accent connected taste immersion and gathering semipermanent world and nonrecreational connections, the Fulbright programme selects fantabulous candidates from each disciplines ranging science, health, technology, law, business, arts and culture. The Commission welcomes applications from divers candidates. Irish citizens and EU citizens who person lived successful the Republic for the past 5 oregon much years are eligible to apply.

Important dates: The 2023-2024 Fulbright Irish Award Application play runs 31 August-27 October 2022. See: fulbright.ie


Applications for Lidl’s postgraduate absorption programme opens successful September each twelvemonth and offers vulnerability to each areas of the business, entrants spending clip successful store, successful the warehouses and astatine caput office. The institution said it volition beryllium looking to prosecute radical for galore antithetic areas of the concern and is actively seeking suitable candidates that volition articulation the teams successful administration, cardinal services, commercialized and retail operations. The programme consists of respective modules, with participants receiving a bespoke grooming program based connected their vocation way and existent skills.

Important dates: Applying to the programme is simple: graduates selected to interrogation volition implicit a straightforward interrogation process with the accidental to contiguous to directors. The programme offers a basal wage of €37,500 per annum. Individuals connected the programme tin besides expect to beryllium capable to enactment remotely 2 days per week. Web:https://jobs.lidl.ie/studentsgraduates


Professional services steadfast KPMG intends to enlistee 450 graduates crossed its Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway offices for the upcoming grad programme cohort. The institution is looking to pull graduates from a wide scope of disciplines, with a peculiar accent connected concern graduates, including accounting, finance, commerce and STEM students, fixed the wide scope of clients the institution works with. The institution said they are besides seeking graduates from sustainability and arts disciplines who person an involvement successful a vocation successful business. Employees are moving betwixt home, bureau and lawsuit sites. There is an online exertion signifier connected the KPMG careers website, wherever graduates are asked to see world results information, vocation motivation, achievements and interests.

Important dates: The programme has conscionable opened for applications and the closing day is mid-October. Interviews volition commence precocious October and aboriginal November. Typically KPMG hires students who are successful their past twelvemonth of study, and they articulation the steadfast postgraduation. The institution said it hasn’t yet determined the salaries for the caller graduates yet, arsenic it carries retired a survey of the marketplace each autumn and decides connected the wage then. Web: www.kpmg.ie/ careers


The ALDI Graduate Area Management Programme is simply a 12-month accidental which offers graduates an accidental to prosecute a vocation successful retail management. After conscionable 15 weeks of the programme, graduates volition instrumentality connected a important magnitude of work including the absorption of an ALDI store. Graduates volition enactment instore for six months, earlier transitioning to a play of shadowing experienced Area Managers, and grooming with ALDI’s bureau teams. Following the year-long programme, afloat qualified Area Managers volition past enactment their broad grooming into signifier by taking work for up to 4 ALDI stores. Throughout their careers, palmy Area Managers are offered the accidental to spell connected an planetary secondment, moving arsenic an Area Manager successful different ALDI southbound state oregon starring a squad successful 1 of ALDI’s planetary caput offices.

Important dates: Interested parties tin use for the programme from September 19th until October 31st, 2022. More accusation is disposable connected ALDI’s dedicated website: aldirecruitment.ie/ area-manager-programme/graduateareamanager- programme.


IMI offers a Graduate Development programme which is delivered connected a consortium basis, bringing graduates from antithetic organisations and sectors together. The graduates and their leader organisations payment from this transverse sectoral learning arsenic portion of the programme experience. The programme is tailored to springiness graduates the commercialized acumen, enactment and radical skills needed successful the workplace, with peculiar accent connected occupation solving, captious thinking, communications, and moving successful teams. IMI make hundreds of graduates each twelvemonth crossed sectors similar Retail, Technology, Food, Financial Services, Construction, Telecommunications, and successful the nationalist sector, making the IMI 1 of the biggest providers of postgraduate improvement successful Ireland. The programme takes graduates retired of the schoolroom with outdoor activity-led learning. The activities are framed wrong circumstantial learning objectives, designed to simulate a circumstantial learning outcome, and are expertly debriefed to enactment the learner to construe the acquisition into instantly applicable caller approaches and behaviours. Important dates The commencement day is 14 November 2022 and IMI employs astir 25 graduates per cohort (the IMI mostly has much than 1 cohort per year)

Important date: Application deadline day is the extremity of September. The 2022/23 programme volition beryllium delivered successful a blended format. See: imi.ie

Central Bank

Central Bank of Ireland’s three-year postgraduate programme allows graduates to acquisition the divers and unsocial enactment that we’re progressive in. Graduates volition person the accidental to undertake a fig of rotations by applying to 1 of 3 streams: 1. Data, Digital and Technology; 2. Supervision, Policy and Risk; 3. Actuarial. These rotations assistance accelerate the graduates’ improvement and learning, allowing them to amended their method and interpersonal skills done meaningful and challenging work. The Central Bank of Ireland offers graduates the accidental to enactment successful our One Bank Curriculum, an accredited world programme – developed successful collaboration with the Institute of Bankers and University College Dublin, and designed to conscionable the method grooming needs of Central Bank employees. The Central Bank offers graduates hybrid moving to equilibrium the flexibility that moving from location provides with the worth of a collaborative bureau environment.

Important date: Applications for the Central Bank 2023 postgraduate programme volition opened connected 20 September. See: centralbank.ie

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