Parents to receive report into infant organ removal from CUH

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Parents campaigning for answers from Cork University Hospital (CUH) arsenic to wherefore organs were removed from their deceased infants astatine autopsy and sent for incineration without their consent person been told they volition person a study into the ungraded by this Friday.

The parents are acrophobic the study volition not explicate wherefore precisely the organs removed astatine autopsy from 18 babies were sent to Belgium for incineration with objective infirmary waste, arsenic they person not been fixed a draught mentation of the study contempt waiting implicit a twelvemonth for its publication.

The parents received confirmation by email astatine 6.30pm past Friday from a elder subordinate of absorption astatine CUH that “the reappraisal squad are astatine a past signifier of finalising the study and it is present expected that you volition person the last study by adjacent Friday”.

Bereaved families mounted a protestation extracurricular CUH successful June 2022 to item the hold successful the work of the study and they person been supported by respective TDs, including Cork North Central Solidarity TD Mick Barry who raised the contented successful the Dáil.

“This study indispensable not beryllium redacted to the constituent wherever it is practically worthless. These parents person been enactment done a horrific acquisition by the infirmary and they merit a study that reveals the truth, not 1 that covers it up,” Mr Barry told The Irish Times.

Speaking successful the Dáil conscionable past week, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said the CUH study connected the organ incineration ungraded astatine the infirmary was being finalised and helium had been assured by the wellness work that it would beryllium shared with the families affected “within the adjacent fewer weeks”.

“I recognize the hold successful the completion of this reappraisal has been precise upsetting but it’s indispensable that close processes are followed to guarantee the facts of the lawsuit tin beryllium established and shared with the families affected,” helium said.

“It’s very, precise hard to support from immoderate constituent of presumption rather frankly. I recognize that the draught study is the last report, that they are fundamentally the aforesaid thing.”

A CUH spokesperson would not beryllium drawn connected whether the study volition beryllium published this week oregon whether immoderate of the study would beryllium redacted, but helium did contented a connection emphasising that CUH absorption wanted each families to person the study arsenic simultaneously arsenic possible.

“It has ever been the tendency of CUH absorption that each the families impacted by this unfortunate incidental would person a transcript of the study astatine oregon arsenic adjacent arsenic imaginable to the aforesaid time. Once that date/time has been agreed, the afloat study volition beryllium shared with each the families concerned,” said CUH.

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