Owner of Bordeaux wine bar takes ‘responsibility’ for botulism outbreak, lawyer says

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The proprietor of a Bordeaux vino bar, which saw customers caught up successful a caller botulism outbreak aft eating contaminated sardines, takes “responsibility” for what occurred, his lawyer has told French media.

A pistillate died and respective others, including immoderate Irish rugby supporters, fell sick aft eating astatine the Tchin Tchin Wine Bar successful the city’s aged municipality earlier this month.

The nationalist prosecutor’s bureau successful Bordeaux has opened a preliminary probe into the matter. The results of tests released past Friday recovered the beingness of benignant B botulism successful a sardine crockery served astatine the vino barroom and the humor of respective customers.

A 30-year-old Co Mayo antheral who was successful Bordeaux Ireland’s opening Rugby World Cup game, held connected September 9th, has been successful a French intensive attraction portion for the past respective days aft eating astatine the bar.

His wife, a 32-year aged orginially from Greece, died past Tuesday aft falling sick aft consuming the sardines. A postmortem has been carried retired connected the deceased pistillate and the findings are expected to go known aboriginal this week.

Several different Irish rugby fans person besides reported falling unwell aft eating astatine the vino barroom betwixt September 4th and 10th.

‘Will presume responsibility’

Stéphane Guitard, the lawyer acting connected behalf of the barroom owner, told Sud Ouest newspaper that his lawsuit “will presume work and remains disposable to investigators” regarding the outbreak.

Mr Guitard said his lawsuit has worked with the Departmental Offices for the Protection of Populations (DDPP) to find the customers who consumed the sardines.

“His precedence is to guarantee that determination are nary different patients, that those who are hospitalised instrumentality to their erstwhile lives and helium is of people reasoning of the household who mislaid a 32-year-old loved one,” helium told the French newspaper.

Awaiting adept conclusions

The lawyer said helium and his lawsuit “are awaiting the conclusions of the experts” investigating the matter.

Cases of botulism were initially noted successful the exigency country astatine Bordeaux’s Pellegrin Hospital connected September 9th. Botulism, a superior neurological information caused by a poisonous toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, is fatal successful immoderate 5 to 10 per cent of cases.

Public Health France announced that the bacteria successful question was recovered successful the sardine crockery served astatine Tchin Tchin vino bar. A fig of radical connected to the outbreak are continuing to person infirmary attraction successful Bordeaux and Paris arsenic good arsenic successful Spain and England.

Under French law, the barroom owners could look a jailhouse word of betwixt 3 and 5 years and/or fines of betwixt €45,000 and €60,000.

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