Orsted and Terra Solar to generate enough electricity for 90,000 homes

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The woody volition spot the institution summation its portfolio of Irish star projects to 600MW

Ørsted, Denmark’s largest vigor company, has struck a woody with Dublin-based Terra Solar to make a large portfolio of star farms successful Ireland.

Ørsted said the 2 firms volition unneurotic make a portfolio with a capableness of “up to” 400 megawatts (MW). It said this would nutrient capable energy to conscionable the yearly demands of 90,000 homes.

The woody volition spot the institution summation its portfolio of Irish star projects to 600MW, pursuing the signing of 2 abstracted agreements with Terra Solar successful caller years.

The announcement is the latest determination from Ørsted into the Irish market, wherever it already has a ample portfolio of onshore upwind farms.

Ørsted did not specify wherever the caller star farms volition beryllium built. However, it said that “subject to grid way consent and a grid offer”, it expects each of the developments to beryllium operating by 2030.

The steadfast said this would align with Ireland’s targets to importantly summation its star powerfulness capableness by the extremity of the decade.

Ørsted said the energy produced from the star farms has “several imaginable routes to market”. These see the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme, a authorities inaugural which provides subsidies to renewable firms, arsenic good arsenic firm powerfulness acquisition agreements.

The Danish steadfast develops, constructs, and operates offshore and onshore upwind farms, star farms, arsenic good arsenic a assortment of different renewable developments.

The steadfast employs 8,000 radical worldwide and had revenues of astir €18bn successful 2022

Ørsted presently operates 378 MW of onshore upwind crossed the land of Ireland, producing capable energy for implicit 230,000 homes.

Ørsted presently has 2 Irish star projects successful development, and earlier this year, the institution announced a concern with ESB to jointly make an Irish offshore upwind portfolio.

Ørsted’s Irish office are successful Cork city, wherever it employs implicit 100 people.

Terra Solar was founded by David Fewer and André Fernon successful 2016. The company’s backers see the ESB, which antecedently invested €2.5m successful the business.

Ørsted and Terra Solar person worked unneurotic previously, with the Danish steadfast past twelvemonth acquiring Terra’s 65MW Ballinrea task located successful Cork.

In March, Ørsted acquired Terra Solar’s 160MW Garrenleen task successful Carlow.

TJ Hunter, Ørsted’s elder manager of operations for the UK and Ireland, said: “We are delighted to widen our existing collaboration with Terra Solar connected the improvement of these projects which volition lend to Ørsted’s planetary extremity of 17.5 GW (gigawatts) of onshore renewables by 2030”.

Mr Hunter said that star vigor is an “essential component” for enabling the Irish powerfulness strategy “to tally wholly connected greenish energy”.

“Ireland has seen respective amber alerts connected lukewarm summertime days with debased upwind speeds, the outgo of energy is excessively precocious owed to over-reliance connected fossil fuel, and the c strength of Ireland’s energy is among the highest successful Europe,” helium said.

“To lick these issues and trim our reliance connected fossil fuels, we request to turn star vigor successful parallel with onshore wind, offshore wind, and vigor storage.”

Andreì Fernon, a manager astatine Terra Solar, said the institution is “delighted to beryllium moving successful concern with Ørsted” connected the star projects.

“With a combined capableness of up to 400MW, this concern volition lend importantly to Ireland’s low-carbon future, fortify our indigenous vigor supply, and guarantee competitively priced greenish energy for Irish consumers,” helium said.

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