New initiative should ease pressure on Ukrainian refugee accommodation, O’Gorman says

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Roderic O’Gorman, the Minister for Children and Integration, is hopeful that a caller inaugural to beryllium announced contiguous volition marque much accommodation disposable for Ukrainian families arriving into the country.

Mr O’Gorman told RTÉ Radio’s Morning Ireland that his section had learned from the difficulties and delays experienced successful the pledged accommodation process and the caller inaugural encouraging radical to marque unoccupied homes disposable volition beryllium processed done section authorities.

Pledges volition beryllium made online done section authorities and anyone who participates volition beryllium capable to show the presumption of their connection online, helium said. Providing accommodation for the 64,000 Ukrainians who arrived successful Ireland successful the past months has been “a important challenge”.

The caller “weaponisation of winter” by Russia with the targeting of infrastructure and bombing of a children’s infirmary had highlighted the request to supply shelter. When asked astir protests astatine ESB premises successful East Wall, the Minister said helium would beryllium gathering residents to explicate what was happening.

He added that helium agreed with a remark from the Tánaiste that nary assemblage could person a veto. Delays successful payments to a fig of hotels that had provided accommodation to Ukrainians were being processed, with other unit allocated to wide the backlog, helium said.

Mr O’Gorman said that the State volition person to look astatine gathering its ain imperishable reception centres to easiness reliance connected hotels. This could necessitate readying changes, which volition beryllium examined.

The anticipation of 1 State bureau to instrumentality work would besides request to beryllium examined, but astatine contiguous a Cabinet subcommittee would proceed to bring unneurotic a “whole of Government” response.

On the contented of the increasing numbers of asylum seekers from Georgia arriving successful Ireland seeking planetary protection, Mr O’Gorman said that probe was being conducted to find a “direct understanding” of the reasons for coming to Ireland. Speeding up the exertion process would help, helium added.

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