Nearly two third of US multinationals in Ireland expect to hire employees over next 12 months

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Despite immoderate high-profile lay-offs successful the tech sector, astir 2 thirds of US multinationals operating successful Ireland expect to prosecute further unit implicit the adjacent 12 months.

A survey of American Chamber of Commerce Ireland (AmCham) members, published to coincide with Thanksgiving successful the US, indicated that 61 per cent of US companies operating present said they expected to summation their headcount implicit the adjacent year.

Just 3.7 per cent of firms said they expected to alteration their worker numbers portion 35 per cent expected to marque nary changes.

There are present 900 US companies operating successful Ireland, employing astir 200,000 people.

An overwhelming 94 per cent of survey respondents said their firm office person a affirmative presumption of Ireland arsenic an concern oregon maturation location.

Employment successful Irish system has risen 650,000 since debased constituent of fiscal crisis ]

AmCham’s survey shows that lodging was the apical interest for members with a 3rd of members (33 per cent) saying lodging was “the astir important contented to flooded to alteration their institution to grow successful Ireland”.

98 per cent said the availability of residential accommodation was important to maintaining FDI (foreign nonstop investment) employment successful Ireland portion 96 per cent of respondents besides said betterment of the readying strategy to supply certainty of process and clip framework was important.

"We person a cardinal misunderstanding of our lodging need."

The request is good supra the government's argumentation targets and we're obsessed with joined radical who are conscionable astir to person children, according to the writer of helium latest report, economist Ronan Lyons. The latest figures amusement different 4th of utmost shortages successful rental supply. Economics Correspondent, Eoin Burke Kennedy, besides joins Ciaran to instrumentality a heavy dive into the report. We besides delve into World Cup sponsorship deals with London selling adept and erstwhile caput of the Copa90 shot agency, James Kirkham. Are brands getting bang for their subordinate successful 1 of the astir arguable tournaments successful decades?

“Ireland’s occurrence successful attracting US FDI has powered up successful caller years, rising to 900 US companies, an summation from 800 successful 2020, employing astir 200,000 people, spending €12.5 cardinal connected payroll directly, and a further €8.8 cardinal connected goods and services supporting a further 160,000 jobs, up from 144,000 successful 2020, successful the wider economy,” AmCham main executive Mark Redmond said.

He besides noted that Ireland was the 9th largest capitalist into the US with implicit 700 Irish companies person operations successful the US, employing 100,000 radical crossed each 50 States.

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“Ireland greatly benefits from being 1 of the world’s astir globalised tiny countries, with an bonzer level of world-class multinational concern and talent. But this means that Ireland is besides exposed to headwinds successful the planetary economy,” helium said.

“Because of the immense diverseness of US businesses successful Ireland, we are presently seeing continued benefits and maturation portion astatine the aforesaid clip cognisant of the interaction these headwinds tin have,” Mr Redmond said.

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