Mother of teens in school bus crash awarded €50,000 for trauma

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The High Court has awarded €50,000 to a pistillate implicit intelligence injuries suffered aft the schoolhouse autobus her teenage daughters were travelling connected swerved and overturned into a ditch.

Linda Gavin said her daughters were carried from the country astatine Caherconlish pursuing the incidental connected February 7th, 2018. They were among much than 30 students and 2 adults who were taken to infirmary with injuries.

Ms Gavin, of Templemichael, Caherconlish, Co Limerick, claimed she received a telephone connected the greeting of the incidental from her eldest girl screaming “help me” and explaining the autobus had crashed and she was bleeding.

She said she went to the scene, wherever she struggled to process what was happening. She saw a antheral carrying her eldest daughter, who was unconscious and bleeding from her head. Her youngest was being carried by 2 classmates. Several students known to Ms Gavin were highly distressed, with immoderate injured, she said.

Ms Gavin sued Curtin Executive Travel Ltd, of Ballyneety, Co Limerick, which operated the schoolhouse autobus work connected behalf of Bus Eiréann. Other members of her household person besides proceedings arising retired of the autobus accident.

In an oral ruling, Ms Justice Emily Egan said determination was “no doubt” the injuries and suffering of Ms Gavin’s children caused her stress. She recovered Ms Gavin suffered from tense daze aft the incident.

The justice held that it was likely, from the aesculapian evidence, that Ms Gavin’s objective post-traumatic accent upset had resolved to sub-clinical PTSD wrong 18 months of the accident.

The woman’s continuing diagnosis of slump whitethorn not needfully beryllium shock-induced and is immoderate lawsuit mild and resolving, the justice found.

Ms Justice Egan did not judge the defendant’s submission that Ms Gavin did not endure from a recognisable psychiatric illness.

Following the mishap Ms Gavin drove her daughters everyplace arsenic they person remained terrified of travelling, peculiarly by bus, the justice said. The thrust to schoolhouse is simply a 70km circular travel doubly each day. Ms Gavin switched occupation to a spot wherever she could enactment part-time with flexible hours to let for the caller demands spot connected her by her family.

Ms Gavin became overprotective of her children and highly stressed, not wanting to socialise oregon adjacent get dressed, the justice said.

The parent and her household were progressive successful different roadworthy postulation mishap successful 2019 erstwhile their car was rear-ended. This, the justice said, appears to person had a precise important intelligence interaction connected the children successful particular.

Ms Gavin accepted it triggered a important exacerbation of her symptoms but, nonetheless, she attributed her ongoing trauma to the devastation of the autobus crash.

The justice recovered the basal origin of Ms Gavin’s intelligence injuries was the 2018 autobus crash.

Ms Gavin, represented by Gerald Tynan SC, Padraig McCarthy SC and Donall O’Riordan BL, was awarded wide damages of €40,000 for past post-traumatic accent upset and depressive symptoms caused by the accident. Ms Justice Egan besides awarded €10,000 successful aboriginal and peculiar damages.

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