Minister ‘finger wagging’ over Dáil question on services for refugees, says McGrath

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Independent TD Mattie McGrath has criticised the effect of the Minister for Housing to questions from Independent TD Carol Nolan successful the Dáil connected Wednesday astir services for refugees arriving successful Ireland.

Mr McGrath told RTÉ Radio’s Today with Claire Byrne amusement that helium took contented with Darragh O’Brien due to the fact that of the “tone and tenor” of his comments, his “condescending” mode and “finger wagging” to the “earnest question” from Ms Nolan.

The Minister’s effect had been an effort to “demonise” Ms Nolan and to represent her arsenic being “bordering connected racist” erstwhile “nothing could beryllium further from the truth”.

Mr McGrath said the Irish nationalist had been precise generous and welcoming successful their effect to radical fleeing the warfare successful Ukraine “but does that mean if your neighbour comes and helps that you springiness him the keys of the house?

“Do you springiness him the keys of the house, springiness him our car and springiness him our slope card? People are doing this, but the Government person nary plan.

“Just archer everyone we person unfastened borders present — we’re similar a magnet attracting radical from everyplace and past the systems can’t function. Social welfare, health, each the antithetic systems, code and connection therapy radical connected lists for 4 years, you sanction it, we’re already successful a mess. I privation to spot the radical being decently looked after, a due invited with due services, not manus it implicit to excessively galore and past we’re not capable to woody with them.”

When asked if helium wanted to spot limits connected the numbers of refugees, Mr McGrath said yes, helium did. Ireland should “cut our cloth according to measurement arsenic we would person to bash with a household — we can’t conscionable person unfastened borders and the Taoiseach moving implicit to Europe being a bully lad each clip — cheerleading to chopped disconnected Russian gas; cheerleading that we person unfastened borders.

“Other countries person learned the lessons present and we’re conscionable blindly moving down a cul de sac and we’re going to beryllium successful immense trouble,” Mr McGrath said.

In the Dáil connected Wednesday, Ms Nolan had asked if the Government planned connected conducting an appraisal of the State’s capableness “to present lodging to its ain citizens successful airy of the tremendous emergence successful inward immigration, planetary extortion and asylum applications”.

Mr O’Brien said that Ms Nolan was efficaciously calling for a headdress connected the fig of refugees and described her comments arsenic “a menace to societal cohesion”.

Mr McGrath said Ireland should look aft radical fleeing warfare — properly. “Not sleeping connected floors arsenic we’ve seen with migrants from different countries and hoteliers being paid a luck — it’s a ham-fisted, dysfunctional system.

“Pious platitudes won’t enactment nutrient connected the array and won’t look aft our newcomers arsenic I similar to telephone them,” helium said.

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