Louise McSharry: Beauty advent calendars can really be hit or miss — here are four that won’t disappoint

1 week ago 9

November is simply a hectic clip successful the satellite of beauty, arsenic marque aft marque launches their advent calendar successful the anticipation that they mightiness beryllium your prime this year. Everyone does them now, from brands similar Yves Saint Laurent and Kiehls to retailers similar Space NK and Brown Thomas. I’ll beryllium honest, I’m not a immense fan.

I wholly recognize the excitement the thought of opening up a quality astonishment each time for 25 days, but I besides cognize the world is astir of the items I unfastened volition stay unused. I’ll enactment them to 1 broadside ‘for the close moment’ and past they’ll stitchery particulate until I springiness them away.

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