Louis Theroux to read Peggy The Always Sorry Pigeon on CBeebies

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Louis Theroux volition work the children’s communicative Peggy The Always Sorry Pigeon connected CBeebies.

he writer and documentary shaper volition recite the book, written by Wendy Meddour and illustrated by Carmen Saldana, adjacent week connected the BBC channel.

Theroux said: “I americium a large believer successful speechmaking bedtime stories to my boys. It’s been 1 of my favourite household rituals going backmost years.

“Sharing my emotion of children’s books with the wider satellite connected CBeebies Bedtime Stories has been a immense pleasure.

“I besides cognize my littlest lad volition beryllium thrilled to spot his dada speechmaking a communicative connected TV. I anticipation different viewers volition bask watching arsenic overmuch arsenic I enjoyed doing it.”

During the bid helium has conducted intimate interviews with large names successful the amusement industry, including Stormzy, Dame Judi Dench, Katherine Ryan and Bear Grylls.

Peggy The Always Sorry Pigeon volition beryllium work by Theroux connected Friday December 2 astatine 6.50pm connected CBeebies Bedtime Stories.

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