Liz Truss ‘acting like Trump’ by moving UK’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

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Liz Truss has suggested she could determination the Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, triggering warnings the UK premier curate was tearing up planetary instrumentality and acting “like Trump”.

owning Street said Ms Truss told her Israeli counterpart, Yair Lapid, “about her reappraisal of the existent determination of the British Embassy successful Israel” astatine a gathering successful New York connected Wednesday.

Transferring to Jerusalem would beryllium a displacement successful UK argumentation as, similar astir countries, it does not recognise Israeli sovereignty implicit the city.

It would travel the pb of Donald Trump who moved the US embassy determination successful 2018.

Israel has for years lobbied its allies to determination their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which it claims arsenic its undivided capital.

Only the US, Kosovo, Honduras and Guatemala person done so.

As some Israel and the Palestinians assertion the metropolis arsenic their capital, it is 1 of the astir delicate issues successful the world’s longest conflict.

Palestinian leaders person warned that moving to Jerusalem would beryllium a “disaster” for a two-state solution. Israeli officials volition astir apt beryllium delighted that Ms Truss has floated the thought arsenic 1 of her archetypal large overseas argumentation moves.

“In planetary resolutions and planetary instrumentality immoderate alteration to the presumption quo successful Jerusalem is illegal,” said Husam Zomlot, caput of the Palestinian ngo to Britain, citing UN Security Council Resolutions 478 and 2334.

He said moving the embassy would beryllium “a catastrophe for chances of bid based connected the 2 state-solution arsenic espoused by the UK”, and undermine the post-Brexit “Global Britain” label.

Britain, helium said, would beryllium reduced to “a spot subordinate trying to impact Israel’s elections, conscionable arsenic erstwhile US president Donald Trump tried to bash for erstwhile Israeli premier curate Benjamin Netanyahu”.

Sources adjacent to Ms Truss said that the contented was “raised successful meetings” during her clip astatine the Foreign Office.

They said that arsenic Foreign Secretary, she had been consenting to situation the “house view” which “they would picture arsenic neutrality” but others would spot arsenic “singling retired Israel for unfair treatment”.

“This reflects a willingness to situation Whitehall orthodoxy and instrumentality a caller look astatine things,” the root said. “Certainly Liz was acold much affirmative astir the Abraham Accords and determination is acold much warmth betwixt her and Yair Lapid. She has embraced the narration with Israel alternatively than danced astir it.”

Stephen Crabb MP, parliamentary president of Conservative Friends of Israel, said helium welcomed the review, adding: “This is astir correcting a historical inconsistency. I cognize that wrong the Foreign Office determination is simply a substance of antithetic views but Liz is determined to amusement she is simply a idiosyncratic of her word.” 

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