Lisney joins forces with Sotheby’s International Realty

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Estate bureau Lisney has acquired the Sotheby’s International Realty franchise for Ireland, opening the residential limb of the Irish institution to a planetary web of planetary buyers and expats.

David Byrne, managing manager of Lisney, says the deal, successful the works for 2 years, is “an accidental to heighten the residential marque arsenic portion of an extensive, strategical reappraisal of the wide business”.

David Ashmore, Sotheby’s International Realty’s typical successful Ireland since 2016, volition go manager of state homes and estates and volition relocate to the Upper Leeson Street subdivision of Lisney, which volition beryllium known arsenic Lisney Sotheby’s International Realty from Monday.

According to Mr Byrne, who says helium approached Mr Ashmore with the thought of taking connected the franchise, each of Mr Ashmore’s existing clients volition determination with him. These see Chris de Burgh, whose Georgian mansion Bushey Park, connected 27 acres conscionable extracurricular Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, is connected the marketplace for €9.85 million; different Irish properties connected Sotheby’s books are the €8.5 cardinal Sopwell Hall property successful Co Tipperary, with Colliers arsenic associated cause and Grange Manor, a restored Georgian connected 25 acres successful Ballyragget, Co Kilkenny, for €1.95 million.

In 2021, Mr Ashmore besides negotiated the sale, besides with Colliers, of the Abbey Leix property to Stripe’s John Collison for €20 million.

Customer service

“Luxury isn’t a terms point; it’s an experience”, Mr Byrne said, adding that the collaboration is astir bringing Lisney’s “first-class lawsuit service” to clients successful each sections of the residential market, arsenic good arsenic giving the Irish steadfast entree to the planetary reputation, position and concern improvement heft of Sotheby’s International Realty, with 1,000 branches successful 78 countries.

Mr Byrne says the franchise volition beryllium equitable, bringing “maximum vulnerability astatine each times done each levels of the marketplace … whether acting for a idiosyncratic returning location to Ireland to instrumentality up a caller occupation successful a multinational company, oregon selling a high-end spot to an planetary buyer, galore of whom person an Irish connection”.

Lisney has expanded its web successful the superior implicit the past 3 years, opening branches successful Blackrock, Ranelagh and Dalkey. It has an bureau successful Belfast, and volition unfastened its 2nd Cork subdivision besides connected Monday.

Mr Byrne says Mr Ashmore’s state homes part volition “tap into Lisney’s wider residential business” and expects it to grow “with opportunities for highly regarded agents to articulation this ambitious caller signifier of its residential business”.

Sotheby’s good creation auction location connected Molesworth Street successful Dublin remains a abstracted company, unconnected with this arrangement.

The rebranding incorporates Sotheby’s achromatic connected acheronian bluish livery, portion the distinctive Lisney reddish volition vanish from its signage and shopfronts, but volition stay connected its wholly Irish-owned commercialized spot division.

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