Leo Varadkar challenged to withdraw remarks that housing costs are not any lower for young Irish people overseas

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Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has been challenged to retreat comments that young radical emigrating are incorrect to deliberation they volition get a amended woody connected housing.

n the Dáil, Social Democrat co-leader Catherine Murphy cited a quality diagnostic successful today’s Irish Independent and Independent.ie which spoke to 5 young Irish radical surviving successful large cities overseas, and who importune they are getting accommodation overmuch cheaper.

Ms Murphy told Mr Varadkar the 5 young radical we spoke with were “stunned” by his saying they whitethorn brushwood the aforesaid problems overseas arsenic they bash astatine home. She pointed to the Fine Gael leader’s comments connected the issue.

"You're not going to find that rents are little successful New York oregon that it's easier to bargain a location successful Sydney. Sometimes the writer looks greener,” Mr Varadkar told Newstalk past week.

Ms Murphy said the Independent.ie conversations with young Irish radical who person near Ireland intelligibly showed beingness truly is amended abroad. She said Ireland has the highest lodging costs successful the Europe Union astatine 8.5pc supra the mean and higher than Paris and Rome.

The Kildare North TD cited the illustration of 24-year-old Evan McGloughlin, who said helium had halved his surviving costs and doubled his modular of surviving by moving to Barcelona.

Ms Murphy added that 22-year-old masters grade student Caitlin Grant had recovered accommodation successful the Netherlands for €365 per period sharing a house.

The Social Democrat TD said the Tánaiste’s comments were “ill-informed and had angered people”. She asked him to see withdrawing his remarks.

The Fine Gael person said helium was not challenging anybody’s acquisition of beingness overseas and accepted that individuals tin person antithetic stories. But helium believed his wide constituent that lodging was a occupation successful galore occidental countries held bully – and lodging was much costly successful New York and Sydney.

Mr Varadkar rejected Ms Murphy’s assertion that the Government’s lodging policy “was a nonaccomplishment by each metric”. He cited a agelong database of things which helium argued had helped radical trying to bargain homes and rent a spot to live.

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