Legal documents on new maternity hospital to be adjusted

2 weeks ago 27

The Government is to determination to clarify a contentious operation successful ineligible documents surrounding the relocation of the caller National Maternity Hospital.

Senior sources connected Thursday nighttime confirmed that enactment was nether mode connected a ineligible codicil which would clarify the connection that procedures volition beryllium disposable successful the infirmary wherever “clinically due and legally permissible”.

A fig of Coalition TDs connected Thursday called for the operation to beryllium clarified amid concerns that it creates ambiguity astir who decides what whitethorn oregon not beryllium clinically due successful the hospital.

These included Fine Gael TDs Neale Richmond, Richard Bruton and Emer Higgins and Green Party lawman Neasa Hourigan. A elder Government root said they believed adding a codicil oregon addendum to ineligible documents related to the determination from Holles Street to a tract astatine St Vincent’s Hospital was present “doable”.

Another root said this would not impact opening up the existing statement oregon changing the existent ineligible documents that person been published.


It would, instead, apt impact attaching a codicil which would supply a “non-exhaustive list” of what procedures volition beryllium disposable astatine the caller hospital, including terminations, for example.

Fine Gael TD Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, a barrister and erstwhile solicitor, is understood to beryllium progressive successful efforts to formulate the caller document. Opposition politicians person described the “clinically appropriate” operation arsenic a cardinal stumbling artifact to approving the move.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Tánaiste Leo Varadkar indicated connected Thursday that the Cabinet would proceed with plans to o.k. a memo connected the relocation erstwhile it meets connected Tuesday.

Dáil motion

The enactment is apt to continue, however, arsenic Sinn Féin intends to bring guardant a Dáil question adjacent week calling connected the Government to guarantee the infirmary is built connected onshore owned by the State.

The Government had hoped to allay concerns astir the determination which centred astir governance, ownership and ethos fixed the caller infirmary is to beryllium built connected onshore which volition beryllium leased to the State for 299 years by a caller company, St Vincent’s Holdings.

The Religious Sisters of Charity precocious transferred their shareholding successful St Vincent’s to the institution and said they would person nary further engagement successful healthcare connected the campus.

Former maestro of the NMH Peter Boylan has called for the work of each correspondence betwixt the Religious Sisters of Charity and the Vatican astir the determination to transportation their shareholdings.

Current maestro of the NMH Shane Higgins appeared earlier an Oireachtas wellness committee past nighttime and said helium was “alarmed by the operation of emotive misinformation and misunderstanding that prevails” astir the move.

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