Leaving Cert students must wait until September 2nd to receive results

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Leaving Cert students volition person to hold until Friday, September 2nd to person their results.

The aboriginal day — astir 3 weeks beyond the accepted mid-August merchandise day — is apt to pb to a hold to the world twelvemonth for thousands of first-year students and effect successful a last-minute scramble for assemblage accommodation.

University sources said they expect CAO results volition beryllium issued to candidates respective days aft the Leaving Cert results issue, perchance connected September 5th oregon 6th.

The State Examinations Commission (SEC), which confirmed the merchandise day connected Thursday, said a fig of “challenging” factors person affected the timing of the results.

They see the moving of deferred exams for Covid-reasons and emergencies, a shortage of examiners to people the written exams and fulfilling a Government pledge that results wide would beryllium “no lower” than past year.

“The SEC has an implicit work to introspection candidates to guarantee that their enactment is marked to the highest standards of prime and integrity and the committee indispensable beryllium capable to basal implicit the results it issues each year,” the committee said, successful a statement.

The timing of the results volition apt effect successful a delayed commencement to the world twelvemonth for galore colleges which had been owed to commence teaching oregon predisposition weeks connected either September 5th oregon September 12th. They see Trinity College Dublin, NUI Galway, UCC, UL and galore others.

The SEC said the results this twelvemonth volition contented to candidates done its online campaigner self-service portal and it volition nonstop connection to candidates by email astir the planned day for contented of the Leaving Cert results.

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Universities and the CAO person antecedently expressed dissatisfaction implicit the aboriginal results.

In missive to the Minister for Education past month, the Irish Universities Association (IUA) called for the Leaving Cert exams to beryllium shifted to May to trim accent connected students and springiness families much clip to find accommodation erstwhile assemblage offers are made.

The IUA, which represents 8 universities, warned that precocious results would person a “hugely disruptive” effect connected Leaving Cert students’ further survey and vocation options.

The Technological Higher Education Association, which represents technological universities, besides warned past period that delayed introduction to higher acquisition would contiguous “quality assurance” issues successful narration to a shorter semester for archetypal years, exam pressures, and precocious work of timetables for each students.

This year’s Leaving Cert exams are owed to decorativeness connected June 28th, with a 2nd sitting taking spot soon afterwards to facilitate students who missed exams owed to Covid-19, a superior aesculapian information oregon a adjacent household bereavement.

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