Jesse Marsch and Leeds gear up for ‘defining moment’ against Brighton

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Leeds caput manager Jesse Marsch is preparing his players for “the defining infinitesimal successful the season” astatine Elland Road connected Sunday against Brighton.

hree consecutive defeats person near Leeds staring astatine relegation and triumph could assistance them backmost retired of the Premier League’s bottommost 3 with 1 crippled to play.

Marsch took connected a combat for endurance erstwhile helium replaced Marcelo Bielsa successful February and erstwhile asked if it was Leeds’ biggest crippled successful years, helium said: “I haven’t been here. It’s hard for maine to bespeak connected that truthful well.

💬 𝗝𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗲 𝗼𝗻 𝗦𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗮𝘆: “Our absorption is connected winning the game. The concern is not casual but we request to beryllium mentally and physically acceptable to prehend important moments.”

— Leeds United (@LUFC) May 13, 2022

“I watched the documentary (Take Us Home: Leeds United) earlier I came and I saw immoderate of the important matches successful that (2019-20) season.

“But we evidently cognize that we request to win. Is it a must-win? No, but 3 points is monolithic and a minimum of one.

“We person to find a mode to crook the momentum. We person 2 matches and this lucifer tin beryllium the defining infinitesimal successful the season, for sure.”

Leeds person precocious buckled nether the pressure, conceding aboriginal goals and having a antheral sent disconnected successful some of their erstwhile 2 matches, which ended successful respective 2-1 and 3-0 defeats to Arsenal and Chelsea.

Marsch said helium had discussed the costly dismissals of Luke Ayling astatine Arsenal and Dan James successful midweek against Chelsea – some consecutive reddish cards for reckless challenges – with his players.

“Whether it’s subject oregon the unit of the infinitesimal oregon that the players privation to execute truthful severely – it’s a operation of things,” helium said.

“So surely we cognize going into these past 2 matches we can’t spend to prime up immoderate much reddish cards.”

Marsch insisted the aboriginal exits of Ayling and James were not borne retired of dressing country discord oregon ill-discipline.


Dan James, centre left, is shown a consecutive  reddish  paper  during Leeds’ midweek decision   to Chelsea (Mike Egerton/PA)

Dan James, centre left, is shown a consecutive reddish paper during Leeds’ midweek decision to Chelsea (Mike Egerton/PA)

Dan James, centre left, is shown a consecutive reddish paper during Leeds’ midweek decision to Chelsea (Mike Egerton/PA)

“It’s not americium I successful control, it’s are we agreed and we’re wholly unified,” helium said.

“The yellowish cards and fouls are not a reflection of a deficiency of discipline, they bespeak a tendency connected the pitch.

“Of course, we cognize the 2 reddish cards crossed the enactment and that wounded america ultimately, but we’re assertive and we privation to spell aft the opponent.”

Marsch besides insisted his players were not being “over-motivated” by him oregon his coaching staff.

He said: “Even the past squad speech I gave earlier the Chelsea lucifer was calm. I’ve tried to person my digit connected the pulse of what the squad needs astatine each moments.”

Relegation rivals Burnley, level connected points with Leeds but with a crippled successful manus and a vastly superior extremity difference, footwear disconnected astatine Tottenham 2 hours earlier Marsch’s broadside connected Sunday.

The 44-year-old American added: “We consciousness similar we person to triumph the lucifer careless of Burnley’s result.

“They person a lucifer to play arsenic good connected Thursday (at Aston Villa), truthful the astir points we tin prime up successful this lucifer volition assistance our situation. Our absorption is solely connected winning the game.”

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