Jeremy Hunt says Boris Johnson’s £840-a-roll ‘gold’ wallpaper already peeling

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The eye-wateringly costly ‘gold’ wallpaper utilized by Boris Johnson successful an infamous makeover of his Downing Street level erstwhile helium was premier curate is already peeling off, says Jeremy Hunt.

r Johnson deed the headlines successful April past twelvemonth erstwhile it emerged that helium and his woman Carrie spent tens of thousands of pounds connected a luxury revamp of the level supra No 11 Downing Street.

It aboriginal came to airy that the work, inspired by upmarket interior eco decorator Lulu Lytle, had been paid successful portion by Lord Brownlow, a Conservative Party peer, sparking claims that Mr Johnson broke spending rules, though helium was yet cleared by his “independent” adviser.

According to reports, the “handcrafted” wallpaper outgo a staggering £840 per role. But it seems the wallpaper was each benignant and nary substance.

Now, the chancellor has revealed that it had already started to “peel off”. Mr Hunt took up the Treasury little and residence aft Mr Johnson was replaced by Liz Truss, who has herself replaced by Rishi Sunak, the existent PM.

“We are moving in, arsenic it happens this weekend,” Mr Hunt recalled successful a code astatine past night’s The Spectator mag parliamentary awards.

“I had 1 oregon 2 different things connected until then. We did spell successful though, conscionable to person a look astir the level archetypal and, of course, wherever did we privation to spell first? We wanted to spell and spot the wallpaper”.

He added: “The monolithic disappointment was to observe that that wallpaper – this whitethorn beryllium a satellite exclusive – had started to peel disconnected of its ain accord and had really been painted implicit by Liz Truss. So I volition beryllium saying to my children: scratch implicit there, there’s golden successful them walls.’”

Mr Hunt became the UK’s 4th chancellor this twelvemonth erstwhile helium placed Nadhim Zahawi, who served the shortest stint ever successful No 11 erstwhile appointed by Mr Johnson arsenic his authorities collapsed.

After becoming premier curate Mr Truss appointed Kwasi Kwarteng arsenic her chancellor but sacked him conscionable a fewer weeks aboriginal pursuing the fallout from September’s disastrous mini-Budget.

Ms Truss appointed Mr Hunt successful his spot successful the dying days of her premiership arsenic she unsuccessfully attempted to cling to power.

Mr Hunt kept his occupation erstwhile Mr Sunak replaced Ms Truss - landing him the ‘Survivor of the Year Award’ astatine The Spectator’s yearly parliamentary awards connected Wednesday night.

After losing his party’s summertime enactment contest, Mr Sunak won ‘Comeback of the Year’ and Labour’s Rachel Reeves won the ‘Chancellor of the Year’ gong.

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