Japan intensifies Russia sanctions with G7 and condemns nuclear deployment in Belarus

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Japan volition spot further sanctions connected Russia aft the Group of Seven (G7) acme the state hosted past week agreed to measurement up measures to punish Moscow’s penetration of Ukraine, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said connected Friday.

Mr Matsuno, Tokyo’s apical authorities spokesman, besides condemned Russia’s determination connected Thursday to deploy tactical atomic weapons successful Belarus, saying it would further intensify situations astir the penetration of Ukraine.

“As the lone state to person suffered atomic bombings during wartime, Japan ne'er accepts Russia’s atomic menace, fto unsocial its use,” Mr Matsuno told a regular property conference.

The leaders of G7, including the United States, Britain, Germany and France, past week showed their resoluteness to enactment Ukraine with further subject immunodeficiency and sanctions connected Russia, astatine the yearly acme held successful the world's archetypal atomic-bombed metropolis Hiroshima.

In a co-ordinated enactment with G7, Japan volition frost assets of 78 groups and 17 individuals including service officers successful Russia and prohibition exports to 80 Russian entities specified arsenic military-affiliated probe labs, according to a Friday overseas ministry statement.

Japan volition besides prohibition providing operation and engineering services to Russia, though the details of the measurement volition beryllium announced astatine a aboriginal date, a commercialized ministry connection said.

A apical state of Russian president Vladimir Putin said the Ukraine warfare could past for decades, with agelong periods of warring interspersed by truces, Russia’s RIA quality bureau reported connected Thursday.

It said erstwhile president Dmitry Medvedev, lawman president of Putin’s almighty information council, had spoken during a sojourn to Vietnam. Mr Medvedev often makes hard enactment comments and past period described Ukrainian authorities arsenic an infection.

“This struggle volition past a precise agelong time, astir apt decades,” RIA cited Mr Medvedev arsenic saying.

“As agelong arsenic determination is specified a powerfulness successful place, determination volition be, say, 3 years of truce, 2 years of conflict, and everything volition beryllium repeated,” helium continued, reiterating Moscow’s assertion that Ukraine is simply a Nazi state.

In January, Mr Medvedev said if Russia were defeated it could trigger a atomic war.— Reuters and PA

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