Irish reference in FBI file on suspected plot to kill British queen during 1983 US visit

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An FBI record relating to a sojourn to the United States by the precocious Queen Elizabeth II has revealed a imaginable crippled to assassinate her.

The document, disposable connected the FBI’s online vault, outlines what appears to beryllium quality provided to national agents astir a menace to the queen’s beingness successful California 40 years ago.

She and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, made an authoritative sojourn to the US westbound seashore successful February and March 1983.

The record states that a telephone telephone was made by “a antheral who claimed that his girl had been killed successful Northern Ireland by a rubber bullet”.

It adds: “This antheral additionally claimed that helium was going to effort to harm Queen Elizabeth and would bash this either by dropping immoderate entity disconnected the Golden Gate Bridge onto the royal yacht Britannia erstwhile it sails underneath, oregon would effort to termination Queen Elizabeth erstwhile she visited Yosemite National Park.”

The record refers to a nine which “has a fashionable estimation arsenic a enactment barroom that is frequented by sympathisers with the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA)”.

Another document, among much than 100 pages published by the FBI online, this clip relating to the queen’s authorities sojourn to the US successful 1991, reveals concerns that Irish groups were readying to protestation astatine the monarch’s attendance astatine a shot crippled arsenic good arsenic a White House event. The accusation came from a Philadelphia newspaper, titled Irish Edition.

The record said: “The nonfiction stated anti-British feelings are moving precocious arsenic a effect of good publicised injustices inflicted connected the Birmingham Six by the corrupt English judicial strategy and the caller rash of brutal murders of unarmed Irish nationalists successful the six counties by loyalist decease squads.

“Though the nonfiction contained nary threats against the president oregon the Queen, the statements could beryllium viewed arsenic being inflammatory. The nonfiction stated that an Irish radical had reserved a ample artifact of expansive basal tickets.”

A abstracted record among the documents, dated 1989, pointed retired that portion the FBI was unaware of immoderate circumstantial threats against the Queen “the anticipation of threats against the British monarchy is ever contiguous from the Irish Republican Army (IRA)”. - PA

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