Iran arrests football player over government criticism

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Voria Ghafouri, a erstwhile subordinate of the Iran nationalist shot team, has been arrested for criticising the government, according to reports from state-linked media.

he semi-official Fars and Tasnim quality agencies reported om Thursday that helium was arrested for insulting the nationalist team, who are presently playing successful the World Cup, and criticising the government.

Ghafouri, who was not chosen to spell to the World Cup, has been an outspoken professional of Iranian authorities and policies passim his career.

Iran has been convulsed by anti-government protests for much than 2 months, the biggest situation to its Islamic theocracy successful much than a decade.

The reports of his apprehension came up of Friday’s World Cup lucifer betwixt Iran and Wales.

At Iran’s opening lucifer against England, the members of the Iranian squad declined to sing on to the nationalist anthem and immoderate fans protested during the match.

The protests were ignited by the decease of a 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish pistillate successful the custody of the country’s morality constabulary successful September.

They rapidly escalated into nationwide demonstrations calling for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic.

The occidental Kurdish portion of the state has seen peculiarly aggravated protests and a deadly crackdown by information forces.

Ghafouri, who is besides a subordinate of Iran’s Kurdish minority, has criticised authorities policies successful the past. Officials person not said whether that was a origin successful not choosing him for the nationalist team.

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