I worked at Twitter for seven years – this is what I want you to know

2 weeks ago 40

“The extremity is nigh”. We’re seeing it implicit and implicit again; semipermanent Twitter users proclaiming that the “hellsite”, arsenic galore notation to it with a benignant of weird, horrified affection, indispensable surely beryllium connected dwindling beingness enactment pursuing Elon Musk’s takeover. And present adjacent the doors to Twitter HQ person been temporarily closed.

he predictions of impending doom intensified connected Thursday nighttime erstwhile reports started to look suggesting the fig of employees taking an connection to permission the institution with severance alternatively than hold to a caller “hardcore” moving civilization numbered successful the hundreds – joining much than 3000 of their colleagues fired by Musk successful the preceding weeks. Some suggested the work was going to conflict to support the lights on, though Musk himself has been gleefully tweeting astir “all clip high” traffic.

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