‘I just kept putting my foot down’ – Patrick Kielty reveals how he once set record for worst speeding offence in Northern Ireland

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Comedian Patrick Kielty has revealed helium erstwhile acceptable a grounds for committing the worst speeding offence successful Northern Ireland.

t's aft helium was erstwhile caught driving astatine 132mph (212kmph) connected a roadworthy successful Belfast successful the 1990s - astir treble the velocity limit.

The Co Down antheral told the communicative of his escapade successful an Alfa Romeo GTV connected the Adrian Flux podcast 'Fuelling Around'.

He said: "I ended up getting caught doing the highest recorded velocity connected a Northern Ireland roadworthy which, astatine that stage, was 132(mph) I think. This has to beryllium 25 years ago. We’re inactive benignant of talking pre-ceasefire Northern Ireland."

There were plentifulness of cases successful the courts astatine the clip and successful presumption of priorities, "speeding benignant of wasn't", helium said.

He had conscionable bought a caller car and got carried distant erstwhile helium was faced with a agelong of road, helium added.

"It was a beauteous summer’s evening. It was astir 8 o’clock, determination conscionable wasn’t a car connected the motorway. Coming retired of Belfast I conscionable eased circular this country and determination was thing there.

"I had a consecutive successful beforehand of maine and I conscionable kept putting my ft down. I didn’t truly cognize however accelerated the car was and I abruptly looked and conscionable went ‘wow, wow’. There was a car down maine and I’m reasoning ‘what’s helium in? He indispensable privation a race.’

"Turns retired that was an unmarked constabulary car. The thought of stupidity, caller car and speed; it was a hefty, hefty good and I conscionable astir got distant with the books. A acquisition learned lads, a acquisition learned," helium said.

It wouldn't beryllium the past time, however, that Mr Kielty would beryllium caught speeding.

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Police aboriginal clocked him speeding astatine 163kmh successful Scotland successful 2008. Mr Kielty was forced to constitute a missive to Stranraer Sheriff Court admitting helium had been travelling astatine 66kmh supra the velocity bounds connected a notorious agelong of roadworthy known arsenic the A75 Gretna- Stranraer Road, successful Dumfries and Galloway.

He was aboriginal fined £1,200 (€1,390) and fixed six punishment points, but was not enactment disconnected the roads.

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