I have news for anyone who thinks maternity leave is a break from work or a ‘holiday’ — it's far from it

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Justice ministers person ever had a batch connected their workload sheet historically — it’s conscionable the quality of the portfolio. But Helen McEntee has seemed particularly busy, reacting to a fig of high-profile incidents successful the past mates of days alone. More than ever, the occupation feels similar finger-in-the-dam stuff; a changeless uphill conflict to marque immoderate benignant of headway.

ublic dismay with increasing rates of transgression and antisocial/violent behaviour is precise overmuch connected the emergence too. It is commonly agreed upon that Ireland’s transgression rates request to beryllium tackled adjacent much urgently than we think. And amid this peculiar conversation, 1 net commentator’s offhand remark truly caught my oculus this week.

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