‘I had a pain in my breast. I thought it was hormonal. Then, I saw an indentation. That wasn’t good.’

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Ten years connected from her diagnosis, Marion Egan connected however bosom crab has changed her life

 David Conachy

Breast crab diligent Marion Egan with Professor Arnold Hill and Professor Leonie Young. Photo: David Conachy

Emily Hourican

Today astatine 03:30

A crab diagnosis is devastating, and far-reaching. For each idiosyncratic fixed that unspeakable news, determination are others — family, loved ones — dragged into the arena also. Then determination are the professionals, the consultants and researchers whose enactment makes beingness — and prime of beingness — imaginable for those diagnosed. Here, we instrumentality a wide look astatine the antithetic strands to 1 person’s experience.

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