‘I consider myself on my last leg’ – Brad Pitt reflects on latter stages of acting career

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American histrion Brad Pitt has said "I see myself connected my past leg", portion reflecting connected what helium wishes to bash with the last stages of his hugely palmy career.

itt, 58, is 1 of Hollywood's astir recognisable faces, having starred successful blockbusters specified arsenic Ocean's Eleven, Mr & Mrs Smith and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, for which helium won an Academy Award.

Speaking to British GQ, Pitt explained that helium is trying to deliberation cautiously astir what is up successful the second stages of his career.

"I see myself connected my past leg, this past semester oregon trimester," helium said.

"What is this conception gonna be? And however bash I wanna plan that?"

In caller years Pitt has taken a measurement backmost from acting, appearing successful less films successful bid to let much clip to absorption connected his relation arsenic a movie producer.

Later this year, Pitt's accumulation company, Plan B Entertainment, volition merchandise Women Talking - an adaptation of Miriam Toews's caller astir a radical of Mennonite women who unite against their rapists.

Pitt said the film, which is directed by Sarah Polley, is "as profound a movie arsenic thing made this decade".

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The Oklahoma-born actor, who was joined to Jennifer Anniston and aboriginal Angelina Jolie, besides spoke astir his ngo to amended his wellness and revealed helium discontinue smoking during the pandemic.

Speaking astir the decision, helium said: "I don't person that quality to bash conscionable 1 oregon 2 a day.

"It's not successful my makeup. I'm each in. And I'm going to thrust into the ground. I've mislaid my privileges."

After filing for divorcement from Jolie, 47, successful 2016, Pitt chose to get sober and spent a twelvemonth and a fractional attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

Reflecting connected his travel to sobriety, Pitt told GQ: "I had a truly chill men's radical present that was truly backstage and selective, truthful it was safe, due to the fact that I'd seen things of different people, similar Philip Seymour Hoffman, who had been recorded portion they were spilling their guts, and that's conscionable atrocious to me."

Pitt shares six children with ex-wife Jolie, 3 of which were adopted by the couple.

Pitt's latest acting project, Bullet Train, is directed by David Leitch and volition beryllium released this summer.

He takes connected the relation of Ladybug, an assassin connected a bid from Tokyo to Kyoto who has precocious recovered from a lawsuit of burnout.

Speaking astir his character, Pitt said: "You know, you bash a period of therapy, you person 1 epiphany, and you deliberation you've got it each figured out, and you're ne'er going to beryllium forlorn ever again.

"That was that. I got this, I'm bully to go!"

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