Human rights groups call for inquiry into Sallins train robbery trial in the 1970s

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Four quality rights organisations are calling for an autarkic enquiry into the notorious Sallins bid robbery successful the 1970s.

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL), the Committee connected the Administration of Justice (CAJ), the Pat Finucane Centre (PFC) and Fair Trials privation Minister for Justice Helen McEntee to found a statutory enquiry into what they accidental is 1 of the astir important miscarriages of justness successful modern Irish history.

Six men – Osgur Breatnach, Michael Barrett, John Fitzpatrick, Nicky Kelly, Brian McNally, and Michael Plunkett (deceased) – were arrested successful the aftermath of a 1976 bid robbery successful Sallins, Co Kildare.

The men were tried, convicted and imprisoned arsenic portion of a convoluted saga involving the non-jury Special Criminal Court, claims of carnal assault, forced confessions and a uncovering by the tribunal that injuries sustained portion successful custody by immoderate of the men were self-inflicted.

Some of the convictions were overturned connected entreaty connected the ground that the lone grounds disposable was confessions that had been made involuntarily.

In 1992, Mr Kelly received a statesmanlike pardon and he, Mr Breatnach and Mr McNally settled compensation claims against the State successful the pursuing year.

Five of the arrested men – Mr Breatnach, Mr Kelly, Mr McNally, Mr Plunkett and Mr Fitzpatrick – were members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP), but the IRA said successful 1980 that it had carried retired the robbery.

Nicky Kelly inactive seeks answers for Sallins bid robbery arrest ]

In a statement, the quality rights organisations said the lives of the six “Sallins men” changed irrevocably erstwhile they were arrested, detained, charged, convicted and imprisoned pursuing the robbery.

“Their lawsuit remains 1 of the astir important miscarriages of justness successful modern Irish history. The maltreatment they suffered – and the continuing suffering they endure – is simply a usurpation of their quality rights. To date, determination has been nary effectual probe into their case,” the organisations said.

The maltreatment inflicted connected the men erstwhile successful custody and accepted by different parts of the Irish transgression justness strategy were portion of a “systemic signifier of quality rights violations endemic crossed galore years”, according to ICCL enforcement manager Liam Herrick.

He said the truth, justness and accountability the men merit tin lone beryllium achieved by mode of a afloat autarkic statutory inquiry.

“According to planetary standards, states indispensable analyse complaints and reports of torture oregon sick treatment,” said Verónica Hinestroza, elder ineligible advisor astatine Fair Trials. She said torture and ill-treatment violations are not taxable to immoderate statutes of limitation.

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